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Real Estate Project in Silicon Valley

calendar 4/22/2022 8:00:00 AM
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The real estate market is always one of the most popular markets for investors around the world. There are places where this market has better conditions than others, but the most important thing is the opportunities that are created over time for new investments. 

Today we will address an investment opportunity in a place that has had a great economic explosion since it is practically the epicenter of the world's main "big tech" companies, such as Google, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, among others. 

This fact makes the investment environment in this place to be considered as something "elite" since it has many luxuries that other places do not have. This place is… Silicon Valley.

This place is one of the richest cities in the world, where the value of the real estate market is very high and profitable due to the high value that a city like this one provides to the world, where in addition to the big tech that we mentioned above, it is also home to several other important companies related to the field of technology.

Our offer

Our partner offers an annual return of 4% in the first instance by offering a security token. However, for those investors who hold their tokens for 5 years, this return will increase to 12%.

This investment is considered long term, and assuming the most likely scenario that our partner makes a significant profit from this project, the token holders will receive a 50% return on each investor's portion invested in the project after that profit, which is expected to be translated into a return of almost 20% per annum, and our partner expects to raise over $100 million through this token. 

About the project 

Our partner's tangible project is to redevelop the Woolworth Building into a Class A building. The final building will aim to have: 

- 24 floors in total

- 374 family units

- 35,600 square feet of commercial space

- Mezzanine and first floors.

- The estimated completion time is 32 months from the first quarter of 2022. 

- Investment period of 5 years (for an annual return of 12% minimum).

- Potential final investment return: 18.6%.

- Token type: equity

- 262 underground parking spaces

- 150 bicycle parking spaces

This is a very attractive project for investors specializing in real estate, as its price has gone up even before the construction work has started, making it one of the safest and most profitable types of investment. This is due to the loans that the developers have acquired, where the bank needs to see some units completed first before releasing the rest of the financing for the rest of the work. 

To this end, the entry prices for these projects are mostly very attractive compared to other projects already started or completed.

All this will be located in 27s First Street Downtown in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, a location that has been one of the most profitable and secure in the United States in the last decade, given its reputation for the development of big tech, as well as being a place where construction projects have several luxuries that increase its value. 

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Why Silicon Valley?

Another important aspect to mention is that this city is in constant need of quality living spaces, where all those high-salaried employees join the business world every year.

In addition, the city already has a reputation for having the headquarters of the largest technology companies, which will lead to other companies in the same field either being born here or relocating later. This simple fact alone will cause the value of the real estate market in San Jose to continue its growth over the coming years and even decades. 

In this location, speculation for innovative projects that are presented annually is on the rise, hand in hand with all the development that this region of the United States has promoted to the internet industry. Of course, this is a gem in such a capital-intensive territory as this country, and the projects in this area generate billions of dollars at record speeds. 

This boom in tech companies driven by the power of the internet has boosted the value of the Silicon Valley real estate market, especially every time a new big tech start-up has its IPO. 

However, Silicon Valley's real estate market has also been having a steady growth momentum because the major big tech companies located within Silicon Valley have been funding several of those projects. Some have even funded government agencies to pursue real estate projects. 

This injection of money into this sector, taking into account the capital that each big tech has within its portfolio, will probably make this market become the most important real estate market in the world at some point, not only because of the amount of money that these companies inject, but also because of the technological advances and innovations that they promote within their projects, which means that it would be a step towards the future each time a big tech gets involved. 

What can we do for you? 

Mundo is dedicated to outlining the best financial strategies in any field of the global economy that the client requires, this includes markets such as real estate, bonds, family offices, offshore companies, company structures, cryptocurrency, among others. 

Our panel of experts is fully trained to address any questions and concerns clients may have regarding the types of investments they wish to have in their portfolio, and we are always ready to help you with the whole process of setting up your company, or the paperwork within any country or region in which you wish to invest. 

If you are interested in more information about the Silicon Valley real estate market, do not hesitate to contact us to set up the whole operation as quickly and efficiently as possible, our fundamental motto is to serve.

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