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Say Goodbye to Argentina and Hello to Panama: Your Ultimate Escape Destination

3/9/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Last month, Argentina closed its borders as the Immigration Service found an irregular situation involving foreign citizens coming into the country to give birth. This situation opened the doors to a new discussion about what immigration laws and revealed that many other foreign women in the past year decided to move to Argentina and give birth there. 

14 foreign pregnant women came to Argentina and triggered all the alarms 

The Argentinian immigration office detained 6 pregnant foreign women at the Ezeiza national airport. The reason was that they were trying to move to Argentina with a tourist visa, they all had advanced pregnancies and couldn't explain exactly what they were going to visit and what they were going to do in the country. Hence, this aroused suspicion, and the six women were kept in the airport until the court issued a habeas corpus and released them.

A few days later an Ethiopian airline plane arrived having 83 passengers of the same nationality on board, of which 14 were women also expecting. Apparently, these people were trying to move to Argentina as well, using the same strategy. It's suspected that they arrived in Buenos Aires escaping political and social conflicts in their home countries, besides they arrived without basic requirements like having cash and a ticket back home or simply out of Argentina. This alone, according to immigration law, would make enough grounds to make them leave Argentina. 

Seven weeks before this event, the Guardian wrote about a new immigration trend called “birth tourism” which people turn to as a solution and an escape from their conflictive countries. In this context, Argentina became one of the most popular destinations since in most cases it doesn't require an entry visa and allows for double citizenship.

Statistics released by the Argentina migration office show that last year 10,500 pregnant immigrants entered the country. However, this passed by unnoticed until these six women were retained in the Ezeiza national airport.

According to the authorities, they took this measure because, if someone wants to move to Argentina legally, they have to go through the corresponding process and not enter as tourists. As a result, the women were detained under suspicion of being false tourists. Nonetheless, due to their advanced pregnancies and their precarious situations, the court decided to grant them a habeas corpus.

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The best alternative: Escape from Argentina and move to Panama!

Luckily, there's a solution for these people as they can move to Panama, a country that always welcomes foreigners. Besides having many options to obtain Panama residency, there’s a possibility to give birth in Panama which provides new opportunities for immigrants and their children. 

Moreover, having Panama residency and living in this country has many advantages over Argentina.


Excessive inflation, currency depreciation, and political tensions together with a poor administration, have severely impacted the Argentinian economy. The middle class is an endangered species as every day more people fall into poverty also resulting in lack of cultural development. The worst part is that some cities in Argentina are having serious security issues due to narco activity. 

On the other hand, you can decide to move to Panama and escape from Argentina. In Panama there's no organized crime, and apart from isolated thefts and petty crimes, there's not much risk.


During the past two years, Argentina has had extreme levels of inflation being one of the two countries in the world with the worst problems in this regard. Poor management during the pandemic crisis and the failure to negotiate with the corporate sector, are two of the worst drawbacks of the current government. The result is economic and political instability which inevitably leads to social unrest.

In this context, getting Panama residency instead of the Argentinian one is a smart move. Panama has a dollarized economy, no inflation (at least it's within normal standards), and a stable environment. Also, Panama maintains a business-friendly policy.


This section speaks for itself. Being the southernmost country in all the Americas, Argentina is hard to reach. On the other hand, Panama is close to the United States and South America, and you can cross the ocean and find yourself in Europe within a reasonable time. Move to Panama and be close to everything. While Asia and Oceania are far away from Panama, this is even worse than Argentina as from here you will need to make more connections.

Mundo helps you move to Panama and get Panama residency

Argentina is simply not worth the trouble at this point. Instead of giving birth in Argentina, or trying to move to Argentina in any other way, move to Panama. If these six women would have gone straight to Panama, they probably wouldn't have been detained at the airport and would have had a much more pleasant immigration experience.

Our experts know everything regarding Panama residency and can give you a chance to leave Argentina or your home country, whatever it might be, if you're having trouble there. Panama residency is the solution in 2023 and Mundo is here to help! Drop us a message!

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