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Best Investment Visas in the World: Grenada Plus E-2 American Visa

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In this holiday season, Mundo offers the best investment visas in the world, and for this Christmas, we highly recommend acquiring a Grenada passport plus an E-2 US visa.

The best investor visa in the world depends on the individual´s preferences, and Mundo´s experts offer a variety of them. Recently we have published an article on the new Panama qualified investor visa, which basically requires a real estate investment for 300,000USD in order to acquire permanent residency. This is an excellent opportunity for those that don´t qualify for the friendly nations visa. 

If you prefer to have a residency in Europe, then we highly recommend the Portugal Golden Visa, or the Cyprus RBI. Under certain conditions, it is possible to apply for the non-dom resident status in Portugal and be free of worldwide income tax. Please learn more about the Portugal golden visa in our interview with our expert

But for this new year 2021, Mundo offers one of the best investment visas in the world, the Grenada CBI. Why do we consider it to be one of the best? Because you will not only be acquiring a property in the Caribbean and a passport but will also have the chance to develop your business in the US through the E-2 visa, which can only be achieved by the citizens of those countries that have a treaty in place with the United States. Grenada is one of these countries. 

Best investor visa in the world: Grenada investment plus US business

Being a Grenada citizen can be the first step to acquiring a US E-2 visa, but this is not the only reason why this is worth it. There are plenty of reasons for living in Grenada. The island is a true tropical paradise and has excellent business opportunities. 

One of the ways to acquire an E-2 visa is through an EB-5 visa, but this requires too long a wait, and many are not willing nor prepared to do it. The EB-5 visa process can take as long as three years, and even longer in some cases. 

Luckily, there are other ways to freely invest in the US and that is the E-2 visa. An E-2 visa is a temporary visa that you receive after investing in a US company. However, to be able to apply, you have to be citizen of a country that has the correspondent agreement with the United States. If you are not a citizen from such country, then we recommend acquiring a Grenada passport, which will open your way towards doing business in America. Let us review the advantages of what many consider to be the best investor visa in the world. 

Advantages of having an E-2 visa

  • You can obtain it in a very short time after becoming a citizen of Grenada.
  • Your spouse can legally work in the United States.
  • Your spouse and children can travel to the US as they please.
  • Your children can study in US schools and access in-state tuition.
  • You avoid paying tax in the US on your worldwide income.
  • You can get the visa for five years and then renew it indefinitely. 

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E-2 visa through Grenada passport

Grenada is a Caribbean island with its own natural beauty combined with a unique financial center and one of the best investment citizenships in the world. Moreover, this is the only country in the Caribbean to offer a CBI scheme plus an E-2 visa opportunity. With this visa, investors can enter and stay in the US in order to develop their business and there is no annual limit on how many visas can be approved. 

Also, there is no minimum investment required to apply for an E-2 visa, although the experts recommend investing at least 100,000 USD. The amount of your investment corresponds to the type of business you wish to conduct. 

Why acquiring a Grenadian passport?

The shortest way to the United States

Acquiring a business or investor visa in the US is a tricky and lengthy process for most people, taking even 10 years for Chinese citizens to acquire one. That is why the Grenadian passport stands out as an excellent opportunity since the process takes between 5 to 7 months. This means that, if you apply now, in six month you can start your business in the United States with your family.

Option to hire a manager

The E-2 visa requires that the petitioning investor “develops and directs” the business. This means that it is possible to hire a manager who will keep you informed of your business status at all times while you take care of developing the idea. 

No worldwide income tax

If you don’t spend more than a specific amount of time per year in the US, then you are not subject to worldwide income. The E-2 visa has a small residency requirement, so you can maintain your visa but live in the US the minimum amount of time so that you don´t become a tax resident. You should not spend in the US more than 122 days a year. 

Cheapest way to enter the U.S. as an investor

Unlike the usual US visa, the E-2 visa does not have a minimum investment required. The only requirement is that the investment has to be “substantial” and in accordance with the investor´s business plan. This means that your initial investment will depend on your type of business and plans. 

No language requirements

If you are not fluent in English, you can still access this visa. This is one of the advantages of “developing and directing” your business instead of working directly in it. You can delegate your business management to a team of people that are fluent in English, and our experts can help you arrange that. If you want to know more about the possibilities available for your type of business, we recommend a consultation with a specialist.

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How to obtain the E-2 visa with the Grenadian citizenship

There are two ways of acquiring the Grenada passport and next we describe them:

1. Direct non-refundable donation to the state (Grenada National Transformation Fund). For a family of four, the donation is for an amount of $200,000, but only 150,000 USD for the applicant alone.

2. Investing in real estate:

  • The investment must be made in a project approved by the Grenadian government for its CBI program.
  • The minimum investment is $220,000
  • The investor can resell the property after five years of being granted a passport. 

Whichever way, you will obtain citizenship approximately 3 to 5 months after application. The Grenada program is one of the fastest of the Caribbean. 

As soon as you acquire a Grenada passport, you can apply for an E-2 visa, which can be done in a consulate in Barbados. This consulate usually requires you to prove having ties to your country (Grenada) including physical presence. In this sense, having a property becomes an especially important factor because it shows connection to the country. This is why we recommend applying to citizenship through real estate investment. 

If you acquire an E-2 visa, your spouse will be able to work in the US and your children to study in private or public schools in the country, or in in-state colleges. 

This visa can be acquired in approximately 2 months, which is extremely fast considering you are getting a US visa. 

    E-2 Visa Requirements

  • Substantial investment: the amount of the investment will depend on the type of business you choose to conduct, but an investment of at least $100,000, and preferably of $250,000, is recommended.
  • Level of involvement in the business: the applicant must demonstrate to the U.S. government that he or she is interested in developing the business. This can be done by exercising an executive leadership position in the company or by owning the business.
  • Legality: the investment must be legal and so must be the business, whether it is a new one or a previously established one. 
  • Employment: the investment will not qualify if it is only intended to create one job position. Usually, the successful applications create between 3 and 5 job positions in the country. 
  • Nationality: You or other citizens of Grenada must own at least 50% of the business. 

E-2 Visa processing costs

If you are thinking about getting a Grenadian citizenship and an E-2 visa, then you should consider that your costs will start from 350,000 USD. However, this is a great price for obtaining a second passport and the possibility of business development in the US, accessing one of the most hard-to-get visas. Moreover, if things go well, you can have all this in 5 to 7 months. There is simply no other better way to access an E-2 visa. That is why we strongly recommend it. 

If you would like more information on the E-2 visa process, please feel free to contact our experts.

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Who are we, and what can we do for you?

In Mundo we work very hard to protect the assets and freedom of our investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Part of our job is to find better ways to invest money in the jurisdictions that are more convenient for each goal. We have more than 25 years of experience offering investors the best opportunities of the moment. During this time, we have seen how people from different parts of the world have shown interest in Grenada and its path to the US.

We live in a world in which our opportunities are limited to the passport we have and the place where we are born. Most of the time, authoritarian and socialist governments try to prevent their citizens from growing and developing themselves. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you. 

If you are from the US, the UK or Australia, Grenada is the perfect choice for you to obtain second citizenship in one of the best places of the Caribbean. Also, Grenada opens the opportunity for an E-2 investor visa. 

During this time, we have worked hard to build relationships with the best experts in the citizenship programs of the most important jurisdictions, including the island of spices: Grenada. This is why our experts can help you during the application process of a Grenada passport and then with your US visa, 

If you want to get to know our team of experts, that can walk next to you in your path towards a second citizenship and financial freedom, please don´t hesitate to contact us. 

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