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Opportunity in Panama: company in a special free trade zone plus gold storage

8/10/2020 8:00:00 AM
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If you have read our country focus about Panama, then you are already aware of the importance and advantages of this financial center.

Panama is a unique place for investors as it offers excellent financial and business opportunities– including free zones, foundations, high-level banking –and for expats it offers a wide range of residency programs.

In Panama you´ll find no limitations for your personal and financial growth. You can open a company in a free zone and enjoy many interesting incentives and exemptions. Moreover, since Panama has a territorial system you can establish branches abroad and manage them from Panama, thus, you will not be subject to taxes for the profit you make outside of Panama but still will be able to prove you have substance.

You can also create a foundation, which is a structure very similar to Liechtenstein´s but at a much better price. Under this structure you can place your assets and they will be protected from creditors or lawsuits, working like a trust.

The currency in Panama is the US dollar, which makes it very easy when it comes to international transfers as there are no exchange fees.

Of these advantages our favorite one is the opportunity to register in the free trade zones and special economic zones. The Colon free zone, for example, is the second biggest free zone in the world and the biggest of the western world.

Luckily, there are many special economic zones in Panama which bring different benefits. It is important to note that special zones offer benefits but also have restricted activities. We recommend consulting with our experts to find the most convenient for your type of business. If you have an export and import business, then the Colon free zone is probably more convenient as it is near the canal and you can receive and send goods. If, on the contrary, you run a tuition business, then probably you will want to establish closer to the city center, in this case you can choose a zone like Panama Pacific, which is located near the city center.

Today, Mundo is proud to present a special package that involves establishing a company and gold storage.

One of our best partners who specialize in gold storage have established in Panama Pacific and have done an exquisite job combining the zone´s advantages with their own gold services, which, to sum up, include purchase, storage, confidentiality and security.

This is a unique opportunity that we know is going to catch your attention.

To find out more about Panama´s free zones, please visit our country page.

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Panama Pacifico, the best free trade zone of the Americas

The Panama Pacifico special zone is one of the most important commercial and residential projects not only in Panama but in all Latin America. It is located only 15 minutes away from the city center of Panama City, the most important business hub of the region.

The zone is a very well-established project and it´s a small city on its own with different housing projects very close to commercial and business centers.

It has its own airport, private internal bus systems, medical facilities, schools, restaurants, banks, and stores.

Panama Pacifico is close to two of the largest ports in Latin America and minutes away from the PSA Panama International Terminal operated by Singapore’s PSA International. It is perfectly located for logistic companies.

As we pointed out before, each free zone is convenient for particular types of business. Panama pacific is home of logistic companies, call centers, digital companies, high-tech manufacturing, etc. Currently, there are 300 companies registered here.

Another advantage of locating your business in Panama Pacifico is the access to the Panama Pacifico Agency. This agency is the government´s entity located within the project that was established to manage, promote, regulate, design, and execute policies.


Gold storage + security

One of these companies registered in Panama Pacifico is our experts´ gold storage facility.

We are talking about a high-class storage center with high security levels and state-of-the-art technology.

This facility offers multi-layered security measures in order to safeguard the precious metals in UL3 and UL2 rated vaults, security doors, biometrical engaged flow system and use of steel and concrete throughout the entire facility.

Your metals will be watched 24/7 with onsite and offsite camera and alarm systems distributed across three geographically separated security companies. Our partners are located only 3 minutes away from the police station.


Protect your personal information: Gold storage in Panama Pacifico

In Panama, private storage is unregulated, which means your assets held under it are not reported. This provides a great level of discretion and security protecting you from possible threats like kidnapping and crimes against you or your family.

Also, there is a perfectly good reason why our partners have chosen to settle in the Panama Pacifico special zone.

Thanks to being in this particular zone, our partners offer the only safety deposit facility in Panama to offer “Customs Bonded” safety deposit boxes.

This represents a unique advantage. If a client sends his special metals to Panama, they will have to go through the regular customs process, meaning the person´s information will be disclosed. The information of the product will be listed on the customs webpage whatever this product may be, and this includes, of course, gold.

However, if a client sends its gold directly to the Panama Pacifico zone, thanks to the import benefits of the zone, the information of the imported object won´t be disclosed on any public records nor on the customs web page.

Clients can ship their precious metals in a “custom bonded” way, meaning the metals will arrive directly to our facilities in the Panama Pacifico trading zones without going through the nationalization process.

This approach offers a unique solution that includes the most important thing: confidentiality. You can import your gold and store it in Panama Pacific and still keep your identity and metals protected from the public records, meaning you won´t be exposed to unpleasant situations of any kind nor to crimes such as extortion, kidnapping, robbery, etc.

Find out more about our gold storage services in this article.

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An offer that cannot be rejected

Now that we have explained the uniqueness of this product, we will talk about our special offer. How would you like to register a company in Panama Pacific where you can also store your precious metals? Establish your company in Panama pacific and enjoy the advantages of a free zone plus have access to our experts’ storage facility.

Corporate benefits for companies established in Panama Pacifico:

● Integrated Procedures System.

● Center for Higher Education.

● Special Migration Regulations.

● Special labor regulations.

● Tax Incentives (this includes partial or total tax exemption, depending on the case).

● Investment Stability Law.

● Center for Higher Education.

● Facilities such as banks, pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, among others.

● Single Record.


Labor Benefits for companies established in Panama Pacifico:

● Fixed rates for overtime (maximum 25%) and for work done on holidays.

● The days of weekly rest are negotiable.

● The companies are allowed to stay open on Sundays and public holidays.

● A 15% foreign labor force is allowed.



● All work visas are obtained at APP facilities.

● It is possible to obtain special visas for investors, workers and they can be extended to immediate family members.

● All the foreign specialists hired have the right to import 100% duty-free, for a single time, all types of articles for personal or domestic use, up to the sum of $ 100,000.00.


Most common business activities of the Panama Pacific zone:

● Transfer of goods and services to ships, aircrafts, and their passengers.

● Imports and Reexports.

● Back office operations

● Call Centers.

● Multinational Headquarters (MHQ).

● Multimodal and logistics services.

● High-tech manufacturing and process manufacturing.

● Aviation industry services.

● Film industry.

● Data, radio, television, audio, and video transmission.

● Transfer of inventory between companies in-site.

How to register a company in Panama

In order to access this special package, you have three simple steps:

● Register a company in Panama

● Get a license to operate in the Panama Pacific special zone.

● Set up your gold storage account.

● Buy your precious metals and ship them to your own vault.

Starting a business in Panama is a simple and straightforward process.

Like any country with a modern legal system, the top corporate structure in Panama is the Sociedad Anónima, which is equivalent to a limited liability company. In the Sociedad Anonima, liability is limited to the extent of the contributions of a shareholder. It allows ideal asset protection, as it is considered a separate legal person from its shareholders and directors. Furthermore, the income of this structure isn’t taxed in Panama if it’s foreign-sourced.

These companies require at least three directors.

To operate within the Panamanian territory, a SA needs to apply for an operating license, which is usually granted quickly. This will allow the company to be considered a Panamanian tax resident, and, as long as it operates through trading business and not just passive investment, the company will only report its tax information to the Panamanian authorities.

Luckily, Mundo´s main sponsor is NTL, a prestigious company that has an office in Panama. For this reason, our team is formed with experts that are highly trained and that know the Panama financial environment very well. Our experts can help you register a company, ask for a free zone register, open a bank account, set a foundation and get Panamanian residency.

The process of establishing a company in Panama is straightforward:

● Hire a representative (Mundo) to prepare the articles of association

● Notarize the articles of association. This costs $75, and the articles must include:

● Name and domicile of all subscribers

● Domicile of the company and resident agent

● Name and address of all directors and officers

● Name of the company

● The objectives of the company

● The name of the president, secretary, and treasurer. The directors can also serve in these positions, and they don’t need to be shareholders

● Details about the capital and how the shares are divided

● Duration (can be perpetual)

● Register at the public registry and pay the annual registration tax ($300). Entry fees for the mercantile registry are $50 for the first $10k in capital stock, and $0.75 for each additional $1k.

● Obtain a notice of operations. This step is simple and can be completed online. You receive your tax number after paying the $55 fee.

● Register for the employer’s inscription number and register your employees at the social security

The whole process can take as little as five working days. 

After your company is properly set, then our experts can proceed with the licensing process to operate in Panama Pacific and access all its benefits.

Our package includes:

● Office in the free zone

● Gold storage account

● Free zone company and license

● Foundation to own your free zone company



Panama is the ideal place for investors. Nowhere in the world you will find such conditions: confidentiality, strong banking, special zones, tax incentives, territorial tax system, wide residency options, easy path to residency and nationality, dollarized currency, investment options, business opportunities, precious metal storage under great conditions and more.

If you want to access this package, then contact us and ask for a consultation with our experts. With Mundo you are in the best hands possible.

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