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Investing in Real Estate in Panama

calendar 2/12/2022 8:00:00 AM
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At Mundo we are especially proud to present our Panama country focus. This country means a lot to Mundo for different reasons. Of course it is one of the best places to do business in the world, it does have a unique territorial tax system, free zone regimes with incredible advantages and the possibility of establishing a foundation similar to Lichtenstein´s but at a much lower cost.

But Panama is much more than money, although here you can make a lot and save a lot in taxes, like our friend from Canada did (see our Expat Living in section below), Panama means friendship, comradery and companionship. In Panama, no expat feels alone, because we live in an international cosmopolitan environment where nobody will look down on you because of your race or religion, and where you can always find a community that will support you and understand you. 

This amazing adventure called Mundo started in Panama, this is where some of the main members of the editorial team met for the first time and dared to dream the same dream that we are now seeing materialized before our eyes. Our dream was and is to create a web portal where experts, clients, writers, freethinkers, perpetual travelers and nomad capitalists can coexist in a friendly environment, exchange ideas and points of view and access unique business and investment opportunities through our network across the world. 

In this article we present our favorite country for business and for life.

Why Invest in Panama Preconstruction Now?

The first goal of a family office is to analyze the long term prospects of a country based on a number of factors including immigration potential /capital gain /low taxes /entry cost etc.

In this sense Panama ticks all the boxes and here are only some of the reasons why:

1. Panama will always be one of the most politically stable countries in the world because of the Panama Canal. Since 5% of the world’s trade goes through the Canal, Panama will not be allowed to fall into civil war or communism as arguably the entire world is interested in its political stability. The Canal also creates free revenue for the country. Each ship which enters the Canal pays something like a million dollars to go through. This creates revenues in the billions which is a lot for the country of only 4 million people.

2. Panama has modeled its investment legislation based on Singapore’s one , there are only 5% capital gains on property, worldwide income is not taxed, a new law gives tax credits for tourism and international companies gain tax free advantages by relocating to Panama: you will find head offices of most of the world’s major companies dealing with Latin America in Panama. Further Panama has the free zone legislation and the largest free zones in the world allowing transshipment of goods and services.

3. If the above is not enough, Panama has consistently been voted by most of the major international journals and magazines as the best retirement destination in the world attracting retirees from around the world.

4. Panama is a mecca for international family offices which find in Panama a combination of tax optimization opportunities, safety and a nice lifestyle. Panama has a modern city similar to Miami and Singapore city in style and design with numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. It is definitely the safest country in Latin America and has the most amazing eco system in the world: from highland coffee plantations to coral reefs: Panama is blessed with pristine nature.

5. But the good part is that due to the recent financial crisis Panama’s real estate is the cheapest it has ever been in the last ten years and the time to buy it is now because there is a huge influx of wealthy Latin American, European , South African and American families attracted by these opportunities.

6. Panama's investment is priced many times below the similar-quality one in Miami, Gold Coast, and Singapore, yet the potential for huge capital gains is the same as in these countries twenty years ago. Plus Panama is dollarized; this makes it the only dollarized economy in Latin America. Since America is the only country able to print money without collapsing this means that the dollar will experience strong inflationary forces and converting cash to real estate in dollars is a further safe hedge. 

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