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Easiest citizenship: A Caribbean country allows you to access CBI through several options

5/30/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Citizenship by investment has been around for almost four decades and has become a pillar in the migration sector. This is the easiest citizenship path as it avoids long processes and mountains of red tape trying to prove de jure rights.

During May we've been focusing on the St Lucia island as it is the only of the five CBI Caribbean countries that to this day hasn't signed the memorandum of understanding. Although everything points to the island eventually signing the agreement, we don't want to stop stressing the advantages of the program. Those who want to live in Saint Lucia surely will benefit from one of the easiest citizenship paths.

Live in St Lucia island: what is it like?

Undoubtedly, the country's charm is closely tied to its island paradise allure. One needs to only take holidays in St Lucia to grasp the beauty of the nation. Being a small island in the Lesser Antilles, St Lucia island is known as the Helena of the West Indies.

Its most distinctive characteristic is represented by the Pitons, twin volcanic plugs that rise over the coast in the southern part of the country. The Pitons are included in the most sought-after St Lucia tours and so are the capital, Castries, and other popular destinations.

Of all the St Lucia activities, visiting the only volcano in the world that you can access by car is a must. If you go a little bit further during your holidays in St Lucia don't miss out on the Botanic Garden with its lush vegetation and singing cascades, and the Sulphur Springs for a nice thermal bath.

All in all, these St Lucia activities can be enjoyed by visitors but also residents and citizens. A question may arise: Do I want to live in St Lucia? Is this worth an investment and citizenship process?

It is the individual and the family who must decide whether holidays in St Lucia become a lifestyle or what is the purpose of their application altogether.

The reason why somebody would choose to live in St Lucia or to get a second citizenship varies depending on the case, but one thing is sure: the St Lucia island offers an incredible and quiet lifestyle, flexible stay requirements, and one of the cheapest investment options among similar programs.

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Saint Lucia island: the cheapest investment on a scale from one to three

Cheapest investment through a sponsor - 1

Very few people know that in St Lucia island you can get citizenship without investing a penny. This is when a person, who not necessarily has to be related, sponsors the applicant. In other words, they put down the money required by the program. While this is the easiest citizenship option money-wise, it obviously entails the difficulty of finding such a generous offer.

Cheapest investment for the easiest citizenship: donation - 2

So far St Lucia has one of the cheapest investment options when it comes to donations although there's a high chance for this to change soon. The government of Saint Lucia island recently expressed their intention to sign the MOA which will eventually align certain aspects concerning the programs of the signing countries.

In Saint Lucia, the cheapest investment path is available through a donation as low as $100,000 for one single applicant and 150,000 for a family of four, quite an attractive offer in the CBI sector. Note: the donation is not refundable.

Cheapest investment recovering funds in full - 3

As we like to say at Mundo, the cheapest investment is no investment at all. This country is more than St Lucia tours and St Lucia activities for fun: it is the only CBI country that accepts a government bond.

The alternative may not seem like the cheapest investment as it requires $300,000, however, the money can be fully recovered after the stipulated period. Moreover, it allows for the inclusion of dependents without increasing the investment amount. Considering that St Lucia island accepts different degrees of kinship, the bond investment option may actually be the cheapest investment for a large family.

Holidays in St Lucia may open a new path in life

Investment citizenship is controversial in essence; however, the existence of the programs opens new opportunities for many individuals and families. Traditional migration paths like citizenship by descent, marriage, or working visas entail a whole array of conditions, processes, and requirements that we're not always able to meet.

This is why a CBI program may be the solution for many cases as it may fit into several people's life and financial plans. A second citizenship may be the answer if you're searching for a secure Plan B, a quieter place to live, increased freedom of movement, and new life opportunities.

If this is the case, the easiest citizenship path is investment migration and there's no reason why this option should be denied over outdated conceptions of citizenship, patriotism, and commitment.

Disclaimer: this article represents the opinion of the editorial team and it's based on the team's experience, research, and knowledge. Nonetheless, this article does not intend to provide accurate or updated information on the easiest citizenship or the cheapest investment for CBIs. Therefore, this article should not be considered as financial investment or migration advice. Before making any important financial or migration decisions make sure to consult with a certified professional.

Get to know St Lucia island with Mundo

We're lucky to have reliable partners in different corners of the world and St Lucia island is no exception. There are amazing opportunities in this country, and these may be the easiest citizenship path for you and your family. 

Get in touch with your Mundo Expert and he or she will help you analyze your case and build a solid solution to cover your needs. 

All in all, second citizenship and residency, banking abroad, a varied investment portfolio, and strategic corporate moves are essential in a globalized economy, an increasingly overregulated international sector, and a world where geopolitics are becoming more intricate by the day.

Faithful to our financial and personal freedom philosophy, at Mundo we are ready to help libertarians, nomad capitalists, and international investors fulfill their goals.

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