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Residency for entrepreneurs + company services in New Zealand: Streamlining Your Business Operations

8/31/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Mundo brings exciting news for those wishing to immigrate to New Zealand. Besides its impeccable reputation as a financial center, having been chosen in 2012 as the first country when it comes to global transparency, New Zealand brings interesting immigration options. Living in New Zealand gives you access to a whole new environment that protects investors and has low levels of corruption. 

Although its location is not the most convenient one, it is perfect for businesspeople in Europe and Asia. When it comes to Latin America, here New Zealand residency has become a sought-after asset despite the distance thanks to the country’s solid business environment and stable economy.

Why migrate to New Zealand

Investors will feel happy to be expats in New Zealand since it has an economy driven by market rules, thus providing fertile soil for all projects. Furthermore, the government has taken a healthy initiative when it comes to attracting foreign money providing investment support and a wide range of free trade agreements.

By reading this it's easy to understand why so many people from different sectors find living in New Zealand so appealing. Whether you're an investor or a professional, this country has lots of options. As a plus, the country was recognized for being one of the easiest places where to start a new business. 

If you don't want any trouble when it comes to transferring money abroad, this is your place as it's fully compliant with the OECD. Moreover, of the countries participating in this organization, New Zealand offers one of the easiest environments for entrepreneurs.

Expats in New Zealand will find operations to be simple as the country is number 3 when it comes to global transactions, being above some major financial centers such as its neighbor Australia, and other players like Ireland, Germany, and the US.

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An opportunity for the modern entrepreneur: New Zealand visa

Since New Zealand immigration is such a popular topic, here we present a special residency for entrepreneurs. To be eligible, the applicant must create hir own business or buy one that previously exists, in both cases, it must have an innovative approach and solid potential for exports. 

Categories to get New Zealand residency for entrepreneurs

Six months: you can access this category if you invest at least 500,000 NZ dollars and create at least three full-time jobs that benefit the local population, either residents or citizens.

Two years: You have to be self-employed in your own company for two years at least and you have to prove that your company benefits the country.

Residency for entrepreneurs - work visa

This status is obtained in two stages:

First stage (Startup): once the residency is approved, the beneficiary is granted a 12-month work visa so that he/she can come and settle in the country. Then, they immigrate to New Zealand and incorporate their company.

Second stage (Balance): at this point, the applicant must prove that he/she took the necessary steps to establish the required business in which case they are granted an extension of 24 months for their work permit.

Immigrate to New Zealand: What do I have to do?

The minimum investment possible is 100,000 in the local currency (NZ$), which doesn't include the working capital. Also, you must prove that your business brings value to the country and for this, you have to gather at least 120 points. These are collected by demonstrating certain factors that will influence the structure’s success. Everyone who applies must present a detailed business plan and impeccable history. In other words, the company can't have any failure, fraud, or bankruptcy on its background. Finally, New Zealand residency requires individuals to prove they have good character and perfect health. Knowing English is required as well. 

Can I bring my relatives with me?

You can add your spouse or life partner and your children (if they depend on you), and they can all get working or student visas. When you decide to migrate to New Zealand, you don’t have to be on your own. 

Disclaimer: the reader should keep in mind that this article is only informative. Its purpose is only to provide general information about the New Zealand residency for entrepreneurs. To find out the exact requirements that apply to your case, book a consultation with a certified expert.

Get a New Zealand visa plus company: registration requirements 

When registering a company, your provider will give you the forms you need to fill. Besides this, you must prove that the source of funds that will be injected into the company is 100% legal. It's also necessary to present the company's purpose. Naturally, each shareholder must present a main ID and a second ID, a personal and a bank reference, a resume, and proof of address. Finally, you can apply remotely which simplifies things considerably. Living in New Zealand can change your life status and open a new universe before you. With the entrepreneur New Zealand visa, you can contribute to the nation in many ways. You'll be not only investing your hard-earned money but offering development opportunities both for the locals and yourself. 

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