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It takes two to tango: the best places for couples in Panama

12/29/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Are you planning a trip to Panama? Are you interested in Panama culture? Are you considering this country as one of your possible relocation places? If the answers to those questions are all “yes”, then it will do you good to glimpse at this article. There are plenty of fun things to do in Panama City and we tell you all about them next.

Where to go in Panama City with your partner?

Whether with their couples or with their family, foreigners in Panama can have a great time. Naturally, there are plenty of places for single people as well. However, today we focus on those who want to visit the best places in Panama with their better half. The readers will find excellent options when it comes to shopping, exercising, and relaxing.

Casco Viejo

Let's start with a classic. Casco Viejo is one of the best places in Panama City because of its outstanding views and colonial architecture. Nothing says I love you like a good cocktail in a cute little pub in the neighborhood. Being one of the oldest places in town, Casco Viejo presents charming streets that are ideal for taking a walk holding hands with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

Via Argentina

In the heart of the capital, there’s a great place if you're wondering where to go in Panama City. Located in El Cangrejo, Via Argentina is a short two-way street with plenty of bars, restaurants, and also with residential buildings. In Via Argentina, you'll find the right spot to grab a quick bite on your way to running your daily errands whether with your couple or by yourself.


This is the place you'll go if you want to shop and are looking for a variety of brands, alternatives, and prices. There's a huge food court where you can have the all-good McDonald's combo or a traditional meal. There are also plenty of options including sushi, pizza, and sandwiches. Albrook is also where you’ll find the bus station from where you can go to other cities like Coronado, Las Tablas, and Chitre. Among the many fun things to do in Panama City, there are plenty of casinos and Albrook also has a great one.

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Cerro Azul

Safe from the sound of the city center yet only one hour away, Cerro Azul awaits. This is definitely one of the best places in Panama, more precisely in the capital, where to spend time with your loved one. Due to its vast vegetation and slightly higher altitude, Cerro Azul offers cool weather when compared to the city. One of its main attractions is its lake that you can enjoy with your partner or your family that is, of course, when you're not just looking for a quiet place to read on your own. 

Cinta Costera

Foreigners in Panama fall in love with Cinta Costera as soon as they see it. Moreover, this is generally one of the city's only places that they know beforehand from pictures. Being an ideal place for jogging, taking a walk, or exercising, the Cinta Costera offers a unique view of the Panama Bay. If you're wondering where to go in Panama City this is probably one of the first places you want to see because it's one of the city’s most popular landscapes. After getting your residency through any of the Panamanian programs, you can have beautiful places like this at easy reach. 


Luxury brands and high-end restaurants are what you'll find at Multiplaza Mall. During Christmas and New Year, you'll enjoy beautiful decorations and plenty of places to shop. Chanel, Tiffany's, and Louis Vuitton are some of the brands available here. It has a food court for those interested in variety and also exclusive restaurants with a terrace. If you're looking for fun things to do in Panama City, here you'll find plenty of interesting places including a cinema. Even though Panama has warm weather, in Multiplaza they put together an artificial ice rink so you will feel just like at home.

Parque Omar

By far one of the finest places for exercising in Panama City. It has a long jogging track, plenty of activities, food and natural beverages, and gym equipment. If you want to enjoy Panama City for foreigners pay a visit to this park, a beautiful background for your love story or for spending time with yourself. 

Disclaimer: This is a general article showing Mundo’s opinion on the best places for foreigners in Panama. For detailed information on Panama residency and how to get it, make sure to consult with a professional. 

Where to go in Panama City as a visitor or resident and how can Mundo help you

The good news is that a large part of the Mundo team lives in Panama. This means that besides introducing you to the right residency lawyer they can give you good advice on fun things to do in Panama City. Foreigners find Panama culture fascinating and the best way to live the full local experience is by visiting the city's hot spots.

If you're only coming to visit, any of these places will be the perfect scenario for you to have a great time. Nonetheless, if you decide to choose any of the residency programs then you have all the time in the world to explore these beauties in depth.

At Mundo, we can help you throughout the residency process starting from the moment where you learn the requirements to the day you get your Panama ID. Some of the programs available are the pensionado visa, the qualified investor program, the friendly nations, and the reforestation option.

To learn more about any particular one, do contact us and get a consultation.

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