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Panama: what property should I choose if I want the most profitable investments? Hotel for sale in Contadora

2/10/2023 8:00:00 AM
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The investment world is quite wide and provides a variety of options for those who want to grow their capital. In this regard, real estate is a vital part of any portfolio. Today, Mundo is proud to present a real estate project that any investor will appreciate. If you’re looking for the best real estate investment in Panama, especially one that brings you profit, keep reading. Today Mundo brings the possibility to buy a hotel in Contadora. 

Looking for profitable investments? Consider real estate!

Like any asset, real estate has its pros and cons. After all, there’s a reason why experts recommend diversifying as much as possible. A balanced portfolio must include real estate because, if research is done properly, it gives you a secure asset. Here are the pros and cons of real state.

Finding the best real estate investment: analyzing the pros

We are starting from the previous assumption that you have done proper research before acquiring the property. There are many profitable investments if you know where to look. When it comes to properties, there are several factors to consider such as historic trends, the country’s economy and political situation, and the conditions of the property (neighborhood, quality, purpose, potential, and how well preserved it is). However, all types of investments need research, the only difference is that with real estate you start with a few thousand while with stocks you can throw in 10 dollars. The bottom line is that, if you do things right, the more you invest, the more you get. 

  • Real estate is one of the most profitable investments because it allows you to collect returns in two ways: rent or sales.
  • A totally safe option as properties’ values tend to increase in the long term. 
  • There’s always the possibility that you can use this property to live yourself or as a place for your children or grandchildren.
  • If you like Panama, “What to invest in” is probably what you’re wondering. The good news is that this is a country with a developed tourism sector that can give you great profit. 

Finding the best real estate investment: analyzing the cons

Real estate has very low liquidity. In other words, if you need money fast, you’ll have to sell the asset cheaper than its value and end up losing money. Hence, real estate is not the asset where you should put all your capital, instead, invest money that you can spare and leave cash (or a more liquid investment available) for emergencies. Also, real estate properties require maintenance. 

More information on Panama

Panama: what to invest in?

After making our case regarding real estate, it’s time to present the best investment in Panama: 2023 has brought new opportunities and projects to Mundo. One of our favorites has inspired this article and is a hotel on Contadora Island.

Contadora and its many charms 

Contadora is an island that belongs to the archipelago Las Perlas (The Pearls) in the Pacific Ocean. With an area of 3 square kilometers, the island is only 40 km away from Panama City. Besides having all the advantages of a tropical destination, Contadora is popular because it’s close to the city, being the ideal place for a weekend getaway. Visitors can arrive either by ferry or plane. 

Hotel for sale in Contadora 

If you’re looking for the best real estate investment in Panama, Mundo has a great option in Contadora. You can acquire a recently remodeled hotel boutique. The rooms are decorated with a marine theme providing a unique atmosphere. 

The facilities are completely functional and provide experiences that are one-of-a-kind. The building has: 


  • 8 rooms 
  • 2 suites 
  • 3 standard rooms with a queen bed
  • 1 standard room with king bed
  • 1 standard with 2 twin beds
  • 1 triple room with 1 queen and 1 tween bed


  • 1 restaurant with a kitchen
  • 1 pool 


  • 3 deposits 
  • 1 laundry room 
  • 2 cold bedrooms
  • 1 office 
  • 1 room for the water pump and water deposit
  • Waterhole
  • 2 rooms for employees

Best investment in Panama, 2023

Don’t hesitate to contact your Mundo expert for more information on this hotel in Contadora. This is your opportunity to have a business in a tropical paradise at a great price. Contadora is not only popular among tourists but also among residents that want to spend a day or two away from their routines, but still close enough so the return is not so tiresome. 

Contact your Mundo representative now and get a quotation!

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