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Panama property: The real estate market in 2022

10/18/2022 8:00:00 AM
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At Mundo, we help international businesspeople to buy an apartment in Panama. We partner with the best developers in the country offering our readers excellent opportunities to live and invest in the country of the Canal. 

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Panama, you’ll be pleased to know that the country is still one of the main players in the region when it comes to local and foreign investments.

Panama real estate market, 2022

Unlike other countries in Latin America, Panama maintains a solid economic position. This is partly because it has the US dollar as legal tender but also because of its business-friendly nature. 

In 2022, Panama not only held important real estate events, as usual, but also participated in international fairs. As we explained in many of our previous entries, there are plenty of houses for sale in Panama that you can use as your second residency, your main residency, or as a solid income-generating investment. 

Property events in Panama City: Panama real estate expo Acobir

“Acobir” stands for “Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters”. Their event, held in June-July 2022, was a success that surpassed the expectations of the organizers. During the event, there were real estate transactions equal to 104 million dollars, which is not a bad result at all. 

The association managed to approve over 900 mortgage loans. Moreover, 89.9% of these Panama houses fall into the range of properties whose value is up to 180,000 dollars. Participants were interested in acquiring units in the most popular areas of the city: Panama Este, Panama Oeste, and Panama Centro. 

Francisco Cheng, president of Acobir, was very pleased with the results of the expo and he considers this to be a great incentive for the real estate sector and the country’s economy in general. He announced that the association is committed to promoting the Panama real estate market and will hold similar events in the future. 

Many players participated in the expo including 11 banks and 65 exhibitors and everyone’s expectations were largely exceeded.

The director of the Panama real estate expo, engineer Jose Manuel Amado, was quite happy with the results. He said that they are deeply satisfied to have helped several local families to find their homes for sale in Panama.

According to the current needs and times, the expo was held in two formats: virtual and in-person at the Panama Convention Center. With plenty of key players like developers, Panama realtor experts, and real estate companies, the event was quite a success and is an accurate reflection of the country’s stable real estate sector. 

If you missed it, make sure you stay tuned because the Acobir is organizing a similar expo to be held in January 2023.

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Panama property: special guest at the “Gran salón inmobiliario 2022” in Colombia

The country of the canal is not only a beautiful touristic destination: it’s a powerful investment center, and the neighboring countries know this. Colombia and Panama share historical ties that go way back and have many cultural similarities which were enhanced by the wide immigration flow from the former to the latter. 

Thus, it’s not a surprise to see Panama as the special guest at the “Gran Salon Inmobiliario”, 2022. We’re talking about a major real estate expo that takes place in Colombia. Twenty-eight businesspeople attended and actively participated throughout the event, which lasted 4 days. The Acobir, actually, played a key role in the expo and in the presence of these businesspeople. 

Cheng stated that Panama has become an attractive investment center in the region, which makes Panama real estate to be in a privileged position. Those looking to buy an apartment in Panama can look ahead and see a prosperous future within a dollarized economy and under a stable political environment. 

Moreover, the diplomatic relationships between Panama and Colombia have boosted foreign investment and strengthened the business sector in the major cities of both countries. This makes Colombia and Panama attractive touristic hubs and financial centers providing wide opportunities for residents and foreigners. 

The chief executive at Acobir described the event thus: “I must say that for most of our participants, our presence in the expo has been a success. We have several preliminary companies with over 120 sales opportunities who are clients showing a clear intent to buy. Many of our delegates have booked properties and even closed deals”.

Why choose Panama real estate and Mundo

Panama is still one of the main financial hubs not only in the region but in the world. Moreover, Mundo works with the best Panama realtor and developer, a prestigious company that’s responsible for many high-end projects in the city. 

We can offer you apartments and houses in quiet neighborhoods and in the heart of the city. You can choose whether you want to live near a green area, the banking center, or the major malls. There are plenty of homes for sale in Panama and you can choose one as your main residence or as an investment tool. 

All in all, Mundo experts are here to help you find the best deal in Panama real estate. Contact us now!

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