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Best place to buy real estate in Panama: Sustainable housing in Casco Viejo

12/6/2022 8:00:00 AM
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Mundo presents a project that you cannot dismiss: the first commercial-residential project to get the EDGE Green Certification, in partnership with Banistmo and the World Bank/IFC. Moreover, the project will be built in the best place to buy real estate in Panama: Casco Viejo.

Supreme location

This is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Panama. Casco Viejo is the historic center of the city and home to numerous cultural events. The gastronomy offer is also one of a kind. Unlike other areas, Casco Viejo is pedestrian-friendly making it a great option to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful views of the modern city. 

Developers have chosen this area for the project. We’re talking about an innovative proposal with 136 units of mixed-use. You’ll be able to enjoy it in the heart of Santa Ana, one of the three districts that make up the old city.

A few steps away from Plaza Santa Ana, Av. Central, sports complexes, and cultural centers, the area is undergoing a vibrant transformation through public and private sector rapid redevelopment.

Inspired by the traditional historical architecture and industrial-modern design trends in global cities, this commercial-residential project adapts to a new generation of reduced and more efficient spaces. It will include attractive amenities designed for today's young professionals, remote-working travelers, and tourists.

Additionally, the project has two social areas with amenities that integrate social interaction and lifestyle.

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Sustainability as a priority 

If you’re looking for Panama property for sale, take a deeper look into this project. Global warming, lack of water, and overpopulation are worrying factors, and the predictions for the next few decades are not good. Therefore, sustainable housing becomes vital.

Luckily, many companies are committed to reducing the carbon footprint while improving the quality of construction, thus creating sustainable housing. In line with this, this project has been awarded the first green certification in Casco Viejo. 

Making sustainable housing affordable 

This commercial-residential project has obtained the EDGE green building certification. Such a certification demonstrates being compliant with international sustainability standards and it’s issued by the IFC of the World Bank.

It has energy and water savings between 25% and 45%. These strategies are aligned with the principle of the project: sustainable housing made affordable to people. The implementation of these measures will reduce the consumption of water and energy for the inhabitants, which is consistent with the profile of the expected users.

Green building design and materials involve the use of solar panels to cover consumption in the common areas of the building, adaptation of methodology and construction materials and design, and the identification of sanitary devices that would reduce water consumption.

Moreover, the architect supervises the technical aspects of the certification. Based in Panama City, they have wide experience in design, planning, master plans, and management. They provide a world-class level and work on a global scale. When looking for Panama property for sale, you want a fine and functional design. 

Financial support for sustainable housing in Panama

Great projects require hard work and dedication. Besides, they need all the help they can get. Building a high-end residence in the best place to buy real estate in Panama is no easy task. 

Banistmo, the prime entity backing the construction financing, has teamed up with the IFC (International Finance Corporation of the World Bank) which provides technical support, project validation with certification requirements, and auditing.

Find the best Panama property for sale with Mundo 

Today, Mundo not only offers you high-end housing in Panama: now we’ve chosen to be on the side of the future. 

Our philosophy is based on personal and financial freedom, following the ideas and values of Ayn Rand. But freedom is a wide concept. Having several passports, bank accounts abroad, and a fine corporate structure is no good if the environment becomes impossible for survival. Sustainable housing is undoubtedly a consideration that you must factor into your financial plan. 

Once more, Mundo brings the solution through this innovative property, presenting a commercial-residential project in the heart of the old district. Needless to say,

Casco Viejo is the best place to buy real estate in Panama, providing a supreme lifestyle and a quiet environment, away from the city’s hectic center but with plenty of cultural and entertainment offers. 

Contact your expert at Mundo for more information about this property. 

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