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Panama vs Argentina: lifestyle comparison for investors and expats

5/17/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Many people are moving to Panama looking for new opportunities in different areas of life. This includes everything from investment to work openings and encompasses everything a person may want when thinking about where to emigrate. However, choosing is not always easy and it's not like everyone has a chance to live a few months in different places looking for the perfect home. So, if you're thinking about where to emigrate in Latin America, here's an article that compares two quite interesting destinations: Panama vs Argentina.

What country to choose if you want to move abroad and live as an expat

The first thing we have to say is that the decision will depend on your particular goals. If you want to move to Argentina or find living in Panama to be an exciting experience, you have to consider what exactly are your objectives. If you want to research tango, then the decision is clear. If on the other hand, you want to live in a quiet place with tropical weather you can choose any town in Panama or picturesque cities like Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. If you want a mixture of culture, a beach-like lifestyle, and the experience of living in a developed country, then you may choose Brazil. In this article, we analyze the benefits of moving to Panama vs Argentina as these are two jurisdictions that we know very well. 

Panama is a highly sought-after destination because it offers plenty of working opportunities, the possibility to get different visas, and lots of investment incentives. The possibility of doing business in Panama is something that many people look for eagerly. On the other hand, many want to move to Argentina because of its cultural background and wide variety of landscapes, climate, and entertainment offerings.

So as always, Mundo writes about what we know best: lifestyle and opportunities for investors and businesspeople. If you are in this group and are thinking about where to emigrate in Latin America, this comparison may help you clear up a few things about these two excellent countries.

Benefits of moving to Panama vs Argentina

Now we have reached the key section of our article because here we compare both jurisdictions and analyze where to emigrate for a better quality of life. As we mentioned above, the decision will depend on one's objectives. The reader should keep in mind that this article was written for the standard businessperson or perpetual traveler that's thinking about what country to choose for his/her asset protection structure.

It's also worth noticing that we will mostly compare Panama with Buenos Aires, which is the most important urban center of the southern country, but lifestyle can change significantly if you move to any of the provinces.


If you're looking for a developed infrastructure, move to Argentina instead of Panama. Here urbanization is more organized leaving plenty of space for pedestrians. In Buenos Aires and similar cities, you will find crosswalks and pedestrian traffic lights. Actually, going to the city center of Buenos Aires by car can be more of a headache than it is with any other transportation. The transportation system is quite good with plenty of buses, which have regular frequency and stop every two blocks. There's also the Buenos Aires subway which helps you move around in the city center quite fast. 

When it comes to living in Panama, things are different. With the exception of one or two neighborhoods, the city is not built for pedestrians and the public transportation is no good either. Taxis are not regulated, and buses don't reach every corner of the city. In many cases, to take the bus back you have to walk nearly ten blocks. 

While in Panama it's much easier to acquire a car because of the friendly economy, the number of cars out there has outgrown the city’s original infrastructure, which generates quite a problem since you can't simply tear down the blocks and build them again. 

Since it's a very small country access is much more complicated: there is only one road that takes you from the capital to the rest of the country, which clearly is very different in Argentina because of its size. The writer has known people to live in Panama that had to get to work three hours earlier than the starting time because of the bad traffic derived from this lack of infrastructure.


If safety is important to you, don't move to Argentina. Panama definitely wins this round. Actually, many people choose to retire in Panama because it was chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the best retirement places in the world. Partly this is because the country is quite safe. They are occasional petty crimes, and one should always be careful but again these can happen in practically any place in the world. Especially when we compare it with its neighbors in Latin America, this is one of the safest places. That's why moving to Panama may be just the right decision for the 21st-century businessperson. In Argentina, the situation is quite the opposite as the presence of organized crime and the lack of the necessary measures by the country leaders has made crime and insecurity increase considerably in the last 10 years.


Its strong economy is one of the benefits of moving to Panama. With the local currency pegged to the US dollar, the country enjoys one of the most stable economies in the region which has been empowered by the pro-business policies applied in the past decade. The free trade agreement with the US and its historical closeness with the northern country also make prices quite convenient especially when it comes to technology and vehicles. The reader should keep in mind that medicine is more expensive in Panama than in Argentina, so this is something to consider if you're thinking about where to emigrate in Latin America.

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While the public transportation system is better and more efficient in Argentina, here you have more chances to be stranded because of a strike or similar social conflicts. Sometimes protesters cut the roads or simply drivers can go on strike and as a result the services become unavailable.


This is an important category when comparing Panama vs Argentina. While both have active nightlife, we give this point to Argentina, particularly Buenos Aires. Although this is practically a tie, Buenos Aires has lots of options like high-end restaurants and hotels and picturesque neighborhoods like San Telmo, la Boca, or luxury environments like Puerto Maderos. Moreover, living in Panama you realize that all the nightlife is concentrated in the capital city while in Argentina there are lots of important urban centers with quite interesting offers.


If you're wondering what country to choose for a rich cultural experience, Argentina might be the best option. Panama has very picturesque, colorful, and rich national holidays with impressive traditional outfits. Moreover, they make a big deal out of the holidays throughout November, and this constitutes a unique experience both for locals and foreigners. However, Argentina has a much better offer when it comes to classical music, jazz, and theater. A great example is the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, considered to have one of the best acoustics in the world. 


This round is definitely a tie. Living in Panama you’ll have access to Caribbean beaches only one or two hours away from wherever you are, and the Pacific is also warm in that region. If you want to retire in Panama and enjoy a good dive or snorkeling activity now and then, here you’ll be very happy. Argentina also has access to the ocean, but the waters are much colder. However, here you can access a wider variety of experiences with practically every climate and type of adventure. Enjoy the largest waterfalls in the world, beautiful mountain landscapes, snow in Patagonia, and a jungle-type experience in Misiones. 

Panama vs Argentina: which lifestyle is better

When comparing Panama vs Argentina for doing business, Mundo definitely recommends Panama. The opportunities here for workers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and retirees are much more attractive. Nonetheless, this guide intends to show you only the main aspects of the lifestyle that you will have when choosing one option over the other. In general, both countries offer a good alternative for those thinking about where to emigrate in Latin America. 

If you want to do business in Panama and choose this country as your new home, Mundo has plenty of advice to share with you. We also offer Panama companies, bank accounts, and visa services. All you have to do is take the first step and you’ll be on your way. 

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