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Real estate in Panama 2023: what real estate project to choose for a family

1/26/2023 8:00:00 AM
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If you decided to move to Panama with your family, the time is now. For real estate in Panama, 2023 is the best year because you'll be able to get permanent residency with a $300,000 investment before the amount increases next year. 

Buy apartment for a family in Panama

Some people establish Panama residency to make business processes easier or because they have a business in this country. These are people who travel often and usually spend a few days in Panama each year to maintain their residency. 

This is a great option but not the only one. Panama is an amazing place to live with plenty of opportunities for families, young couples, and single people. 

Move to Panama with your family: cons

The list is very slim in this category. Some people complain about Panama not being the best place for pedestrians as there are no sidewalks nor pedestrian traffic lights. If this is very important for you, you can always choose to live in neighborhoods that are designed so that people can take long walks. In the rest of the city, you can manage with a car perfectly fine.

Move to Panama with your family: pros

This is the best part of the article because I have the opportunity to talk about the wonders of Panama. If you want to buy apartment for a family in Panama and live here, you'll enjoy plenty of benefits. You'll raise your children in a country that's culturally diverse, they can learn to be tolerant of other points of view, know other religions, other ways of living, etc. 

Since Panama was built on immigration there are plenty of international schools with the highest standards in education.

Panama is safe, you can commute by car or use Uber and you'll have no problem getting around. Mundo doesn't recommend public transportation because, although it's cheap, It's way below the standards of a first-world country. 

Now you're ready to know the real estate options in Panama so that you can live with your loved ones.

Live in Panama City: Panama real estate 

Enjoy a quiet neighborhood and watch the ocean from your apartment

Mundo has solid ties connecting it to the best property developer in the country which builds and sells world-class residential, corporate, and rental real estate. Mundo recommends Costa del Este for a family because it’s a beautiful place to live. If you analyze Panama property for sale in this neighborhood, you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Costa del Este is not in the center but this is easy to access through a fast-track highway called Corredor Sur. You have plenty of space to take walks, green areas, and wide sidewalks. This project in particular has 52 levels of which 46 have apartments. Going to the city Center, the most popular malls, or the airport will be easy since each apartment has three parking lots. One car for each parent and one for the kids to share when they're older it's more than enough.

When it comes to the apartments, they can have 3,627 or 3,692 square feet. The dining and living rooms have a spectacular ocean view and each unit has three bedrooms with the option to add a fourth one. The starting price for this project is $980,000.

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A more accessible residency in Costa del Este 

If you're willing to compromise having an ocean view from your living room, there are other real estate options in Panama and Costa del Este. This project is cheaper as you can access it from $580,000. You'll enjoy living in a beautiful area near the ocean and nice green areas with everything you need nearby. There are private schools, supermarkets, and commercial facilities at walking distance or a short ride away.

The levels are 42 with apartments on 33 floors. The project has an emergency electrical system and a water tank. There are four apartments per floor and parking lots available. The units have everything you need for your family to live comfortably: 3 bedrooms, a studio, living room and dining room, a toilet for the visitors, a separate laundry area, a balcony to enjoy the views, and a household with a bathroom. 

If you get bored you don't even have to leave the building as a social area has plenty of entertainment options: playroom, infinity and children's pool, gym, jacuzzi, and children's area.

Live by the beach and still close to the city 

If you love getting tanned and swimming in the ocean, here's a project for you. You can live as if you were on vacation 365 days a year and only 50 minutes away from Panama City. Panama real estate is booming and this opportunity in Playa Gorgona is simply unique.

The project is formed of two towers of 20 and 24 levels respectively. There are three types of apartments to choose from with one and two-bedroom options. The smallest has 70 square meters, and the largest has 135 square meters.

You'll enjoy 24/7 security, two social areas, and a special parking lot for visitors. You'll feel like living in a hotel because the main lobby will have a front desk. All units have a balcony and ocean view so that you can relax after a hard day having a drink or a coffee while watching the ocean. You can access units in this project from $175,000.

Why Panama City: Panama real estate plus the Mundo team

If you like these projects, contact your Mundo expert. If not, get in touch anyway and we'll provide other alternatives. Our partner offers other real estate options in Panama. You'll find Panama property for sale in different sectors. Some projects come with a short-term rental license so that you can receive passive income from your property, and others are built for corporate and commercial uses.

Move to Panama with your family and be part of a safe city with breathtaking views and developed residencies.

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