Georgia posits itself as an attractive location for its growth and development opportunities to nurture international businesses and sectors. It has welcomed the ambitious lot from every corner of the Earth since Georgia vouches for visa-free entry. One characteristic that is particularly enchanting is its comforting subtropical climate, easy communication as well as official language, high-end services, and many more. Its beautiful location enjoys ties with many other locations that are booming in their respective fields. 

Residency and Citizenship

Right at the top of the bat, the first thing you will require to avail residency by investment is a permit. There are certain prerequisites that need to be fulfilled by you so that the process can begin. First of all, you will need to show a record that you have already managed to earn a minimum of 300 thousand Georgian Lari. In addition to this, the concerned authorities will ask you to keep the following ready.

The documents that you will be required to produce are very simple and basic. Apart from your passport-sized photographs, you will have to show a photocopy of your travel document as well as a photocopy of a record that can verify legitimate stay, letters of recommendation by three legal Georgians, or a government member. In addition to this, you must also produce a record copy to ascertain that you have paid the service fee.

In order to avail of a permit for permanent residence in Georgia, you need not be a native of Georgia. However, if any spouse or parents, or children of a citizen can avail the permit for the same. If you are availing these kinds of services from a third-party agency, your agency will ask for certain documents that you will need to provide them.

In this guide, we have divided this section into two halves. The former half is prescribed to those who are the spouse, parents, or children of an existing Georgian while the latter half is prescribed for those who are foreigners and are living on a temporary residence permit. 

Documents Required For Relatives of a Georgian Citizen

The documents that we mentioned above in addition to the application of an established form will be required here too. Besides the mentioned set of documents, the Georgian citizen will also have to provide a legal document that shows his source of income as well as their legal income for the relative that wants the permanent residence permit. If the Georgian citizen is a pensioner, a document in the form of a receipt that reflects the pension amount will do very well. The rest remains the same. 

Documents Required for Foreigners with a Temporary Residence Permit

Even though the submission process is quite easy and simple in Georgia to avail permanent residence, in case of foreigners, however, they will definitely need to stay and live in Georgia for at least six years before they can start applying for a permanent residence permit. 

Because typically a foreigner would not have any relative who is an existing citizen of Georgia, the authorities have slightly changed the specific requirements needed to successfully complete the process. Instead of a relative who is an existing citizen of Georgia, foreigners will be required to produce authentic papers that will reflect the person’s legal income. It can be in the form of a bank statement.

Citizenship Process in Georgia

When one talks about citizenship requirements or the prerequisite to qualify yourself to be Georgian national, there are quite a few things to take care of. First and foremost, you must stay in Georgia for a minimum of five years. This is pretty basic. This can be easily confirmed by submitting a photocopy of your visa or even your residence permit. Sometimes, even if you do not manage to produce these, a stamp that you received when you cross the border to land in the country will do.

After this, there is a series of tests that you need to appear. One of these will cater to your comprehension of the governing system as well as the history and historiography of the country. There is a special jury that will judge if you have the general knowledge of the state or not. 

The next test that you will be required to do is pass the language test. Again, there will be a special jury that will judge if you have the basic skills in their state language or not. 

Lastly, you will also be required to be legally working in the state. If not, you should have real estate to assert your right to demand citizenship in the said country. Other ways that are at your disposal regarding this is whether you are involved in some or the other entrepreneurial ventures. Investing in the stock market for a Georgian company is also considered equally applicable for the same. 

There are many exceptions and what is a prerequisite for you, may not even apply for others. For example, people who are incapacitated or are disabled or refugees will not be required to take the above-mentioned tests as well as to have a job in Georgia. 

This is basically the ordinary way for a person to avail citizenship in Georgia. However, there are exceptions to this process. For people who have contributed substantially to the country, there is an exceptional process for them to avail themselves of citizenship. 

At MUNDO we condensed all the information that you are required to know if you are thinking of applying for a permit for permanent residence as well as citizenship procedure. One thing that really stands out in the case of Georgia is the fact that it has much to offer and it is the perfect time for you to make your success story in Georgia. Don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

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