Knowing what type of government agencies a country has directly tells you about its business reforms, its policies for all aspects of governing and what level of authority the country’s government has. 

If you are looking to invest in a place like Georgia and open your own business company here, it is necessary that you learn about the various government agencies present here. If you too are one such businessmen looking to find information on the various government agencies present in Georgia, let us help you out. 

Below are almost all of the most prominent and influential government agencies in Georgia that cover important parts and aspects of the Georgian government’s economy and rule. Let us find out what these government agencies are and what role they serve. 

Department of Banking and Finance

The Department of Banking and Finance regulates and examines banks, credit unions and trust companies chartered by the state. DBF also maintains regulatory and licensing authority over mortgage brokers, lenders, money service businesses, and international banking organizations and bank holding companies conducting business in Georgia.

National Wine Agency of Georgia 

The National Wine Agency of Georgia, or NWA, is one of the country’s most economically important agencies. Without NWA, there would be no means of regulating the wine business in the country and with no one regulating the sector, it can easily go out of hand. Thus, the agency is not only important because of it’s wine production expertise but also its professional services. The company directly works under Georgia’s finance body in accordance with the laws of “Vine and Wine”.

State Procurement Agency

The State Procurement Agency of Georgia, or SPA, was created in 2014. It serves the crucial role of assessing and regulating all of the government’s procurement processes from getting out of hand. It is directly controlled by the government itself and since it follows nothing but solely Georgian public law, it provides the government and its procurement processes a means of getting verified legitimacy.

Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission

The Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission schedules and sells general obligation bonds, disburses the money collected on the bonds, and manages all projects that receive bond funds.

Department of Law, Consumer Protection Division

The Department of Law, Consumer Protection Division protects consumers and businesses from unlawful, deceptive, and unfair practices in the marketplace. It promotes fair and honest competition, investigates patterns of unfair or deceptive activity in consumer matters, takes enforcement actions against violators, and publishes consumer education materials and alert warnings. 

Department of Revenue

The principal tax collecting and tax law enforcement agency for the state, the Georgia Department of Revenue offers information about taxes for individuals, corporations, and tax professionals.

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