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The Grenada program opens up: what real estate project to choose on your pathway to citizenship

10/3/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Grenada tourism is a wide investment field that every businessperson can take advantage of in 2023 and 2024. Moreover, citizenship with real estate constitutes a great opportunity within the framework of citizenship by investment programs. 

One needs to only visit the Caribbean to understand the allure of the region being a perfect place for living and conducting business. If we consider the potential that the country has, the advantages of having a resort in Grenada, or having shares in one, are one-of-a-kind.

Let's explore this investment option and analyze the new opportunities investors can find on the island.

A second chance

Sadly, in the first quarter of 2023, Grenada suspended the possibility for citizens of certain countries to access the program. However, although not officially, this changed as some agents confirmed that Grenada is accepting applications from these countries as well. This opens the possibility for more people to access citizenship with real estate through a powerful project. 

In the case of Russians and Belarusians, for example, the head of the citizenship by investment unit confirmed that the exclusion has been lifted. Instead, the office applies additional scrutiny to each of these cases. He added that Grenada only accepts Russians that have not been blacklisted. 

At first, the ban was applied to all Russians and Belarusians as the lists of sanctioned people were constantly changing. However, now local authorities are able to conduct deeper research and analyze each case independently of their nationality. Thus, the head of the CIU explained that they didn't release a circular about this change because the decision was taken at a local level. Also, it’s being implemented gradually.

This is definitely good news for businesspeople and the program because it enhances eligibility. Also, the program can grow in applications and approvals while maintaining its reputation.

If you want to get citizenship with a resort, this is an unbelievable opportunity for people not only from Russia but from every corner of the world.

Grenada citizenship with real estate: buy shares in a resort in a Caribbean project

You can get citizenship with a resort if you co-invest a minimum of $220,000, which will instantly make you eligible. Citizenship is only granted after passing background checks, interviews, and undergoing due diligence processes. The Caribbean doesn't disappoint when it comes to Grenada tourism, that's why, if you buy shares in a resort in a Caribbean project, you can get excellent returns.

This option is to be found in an outstanding location near the Levera Beach and National Park. The area has 412 acres and will be home to a luxury project including 500 premium units, a casino, a golf course, a park, and a dock for yachts. Amenities will be built at the highest standards and will include everything a tourist needs when he or she decides to visit the Caribbean. We're talking about bars and restaurants, open pools, meeting rooms, and other amenities. 

Therefore, one of the advantages of having a resort in Grenada or, in this case, being the owner of shares, is that you will have a powerful asset. Beautiful landscapes, proximity to the beach, and an outstanding social area are only some of the project's features.

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Visit the Caribbean and stay thanks to the CBI program

We've discussed the advantages of Grenada many times. Besides the possibility of getting the E2 visa, the chance to access a business-friendly environment, and the benefit of owning shares in a resort, Grenada has lots to offer. Citizenship with real estate is not the only citizenship option but it is the most straightforward one. In a few months, one can get a powerful investment plus the right to live in a new country to enjoy every aspect of life and work. 

For example, Grenada is home to one of the most important tuition centers in the region: St. George’s University. This is a renowned institution that maintains close relationships with hospitals and residencies in the US and that forms best-in-class medical doctors. Moreover, you can apply with your family widely speaking, being able to include siblings, grandparents, parents, and in-laws in your application. To sum up, the investment options are the following:


  • Donation (one applicant)- 150,000
  • Donation (family) - 200,000
  • Co-investment in real estate - 220,000 (the possibility here presented)
  • Investment in real estate 350,000

Disclaimer: in this article, the reader will find general information about citizenship with real estate in Grenada. The conditions and numbers described here only intend to provide a general picture of the said program. If you want to get citizenship with a resort, or if you want to make an investment, get in touch with your Mundo expert or with any certified professional and make sure to assess all benefits and risks involved.

Citizenship with real estate through Mundo

The next step should be to contact your Mundo expert and ask for a tailored quotation. Luckily, our team of experts, lawyers, and agents is always ready to help you and walk you through the path to citizenship. Although there are many possibilities, the option to buy shares in a resort in a Caribbean project is not to be overlooked. It constitutes a powerful combination of citizenship with a profitable asset and a wide scope of opportunities. Wait no longer and get in touch with us!

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