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News from the Caribbean: St Lucia citizenship by investment and why you should apply now

5/8/2024 8:00:00 AM
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The world of second citizenship is in constant change and, in the Caribbean, it just got more interesting. If you get citizenship in Saint Kitts, Dominica, or Saint Lucia you avoid the hassle of acquiring travel visas to visit these beautiful Caribbean destinations.

Furthermore, immigration law allows for eligibility to those offering an economic contribution, thus simplifying the migration path and allowing the applicant to live and explore new lands.

If you're interested in the Caribbean, St Lucia is one of the best options to apply right now and in this article, we explain why.

Countries with second citizenship programs enhance cooperation

Four CBI countries in this region signed a memorandum of understanding with the purpose of improving processes, coordinating management, and aligning pricing. These countries are Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda. 

Experts state that signing this document is a solid step towards harmonizing the second citizenship programs and enhancing cooperation between governments. However, the pressure from international players and partners may have influenced this decision.

Another key catalyst was the desire to maintain long-term value when it comes to second citizenship applicants, a move that helps protect the programs’ reputation and the countries’ safety. 

Get citizenship in the Caribbean: St Lucia offers an interesting window

Why go to St Lucia and get citizenship in 2024? As you probably understood from the list of countries above, St. Lucia has not yet made a decision. Even though the government stated that they are not against the MoA, they still haven't signed. According to government officers, they need more time to consider the agreement which will have a clear impact on St Lucia’s second citizenship program.

So why suddenly this country becomes interesting? As a citizen, you can visit the best resorts in St Lucia without the need to acquire travel visas to the Caribbean, or you can simply enjoy the country's offers when it comes to landscape, entertainment, and business.

The above-mentioned memorandum encompasses different areas and signing countries commit to following certain conditions. One of these involves changing the immigration law so that second citizenship programs have aligned thresholds. These four countries will have to align their minimum investment requirements which may result in higher costs. For a quick glimpse of this situation, it's worth noting that current minimum donation investments are 250,000 (Saint Kitts and Nevis), 100,000 (Antigua and Barbuda), 100,000 (Dominica), and 100,000 (Saint Lucia). 

Why go to St Lucia: the program

In the Caribbean, St Lucia is a gem that attracts many investors who want a second citizenship or home. Moreover, it's the only Caribbean country to offer a bond investment approach besides the typical donation and real estate.

Why go to Saint Lucia: the donation 

A single applicant may become eligible for second citizenship with a donation of $100,000 to the national fund. Applying with the spouse requires $140,000 and with the spouse and two children $150,000. This makes it an attractive alternative for a small family.

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Why go to Saint Lucia: the bond investment 

Purchasing government bonds for a minimum of $300,000 grants you eligibility for second citizenship in this beautiful island of the Caribbean: St Lucia. This option has two main benefits:

  • It provides a full cashback within 5 years (no interest).
  • It’s ideal for large families as the $300,000 covers any number of dependents. 

Why go to St Lucia: requirements

  • Applicant must make an economic contribution.
  • The applicant and dependents over 16 years of age must undergo a background check and due diligence process.
  • Pay legal and government fees.
  • Virtual interview. 

Why go to St Lucia: dependents

  • Spouse
  • Children younger than 21 years old (applicant’s or spouse’s).
  • Children up to 30 years old if they are fully supported by the applicant.
  • Children of any age who are mentally or physically challenged and fully supported by the applicant.
  • Parents older than 55 years who must be fully supported by the applicant (applicant’s and spouse’s).
  • Parents of any age who are mentally or physically challenged and who are fully supported by the applicant.
  • Siblings must be younger than 16, unmarried, and must have consent from their legal guardians.

The secrets of immigration law in the Caribbean: St Lucia and why you should apply today 

Here you can enjoy more than St Lucia resorts and beaches. The country offers a solid second citizenship program with excellent opportunities. For large families, the bond investment is certainly attractive, and it has the plus of allowing full recovery of the funds. Simply speaking, you will be accessing second citizenship with no investment besides the fees and costs.

The donation option is much cheaper, especially for small families, but there's a catch. There's no way of knowing if and when Saint Lucia will sign the memorandum of understanding which will force it to align the minimum thresholds with other Caribbean programs. Furthermore, these changes are expected to happen already in June. Right now, a 150,000-dollar investment for a four-member family is an outstanding deal.

Disclaimer: this article presents general information on the Caribbean, St Lucia, and second citizenship programs. Hence, this article must not be taken as legal consultation or professional advice. Before making any important financial decisions always consult with a professional.

Get citizenship and understand immigration law with the help of Mundo

We are proud to say we have partnered with the best experts in the Caribbean: St Lucia is one of our star countries. We have connections with certified agents and professionals; hence we can help you get your second citizenship or residency smoothly.

Choosing a new place to call home is no easy task, that's why you need all the help you can get. Discover the Caribbean, St Lucia, and what this country has to offer through outstanding migration paths that adapt to different cases.

Moreover, the situation in the world is in constant change and this includes amendments applied to the immigration law in different countries. In this sense, it's better to play safe and take the next step toward fulfilling your life dreams. Why go to St Lucia? Choose this country if you're looking to expand your possibilities and become a citizen of a solid nation that can provide you with a whole new set of opportunities. 

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