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Why trust in Nevis? Establish your financial plan in the long term with citizenship by investment and trusts

5/23/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Mundo was born from one of our dearest and more qualified financial experts. Our philosophy from the start was to write for the perpetual traveler and the digital nomad and for all those people that want to achieve their financial goals. A combination of citizenship plus trust is a great one especially when it comes to asset protection in Nevis. This is why we present this piece on one of Mundo’s best jurisdictions.

Ayn Rand and Nevis citizenship with a trust

After a quick glance, the reader may wonder what Ayn Rand has to do with financial services for example, when somebody wants to establish a trust in Nevis. We're talking about a Russian writer who created the philosophical trend called objectivism. This concept is based on the human being as a hero that is only meant to achieve his own purpose in life and his own happiness. Thus, the meaning of life is to be productive and achieve one’s goals. She argued in favor of rational selfishness, in other words, this means that the main role of a person is to only follow his/her goals, but this should never be an excuse to affect other people's freedom or lives.

These ideas were very popular and are usually taken as a motto by perpetual travelers, digital nomads, or anarcho-capitalists. This is why Mundo offers Nevis citizenship and the possibility to get the best asset protection in St Kitts and Nevis. 

Second citizenship to protect assets 

Ayn Rand shows us that there's nothing wrong with healthy individualism and our experts at Mundo help you with the financial side of this story. You may have several goals and prefer to do many things rather than get Nevis citizenship, but when it comes to your finances, there are certain steps that help in all cases. 

Taxation is imposed on us by the government. If you're lucky enough to be born in a country like Singapore, Bulgaria, or Panama where tax rates are relatively low, you may be fine but, if not, there are other ways to protect your assets.

It's worth noting that a person should not try to pay zero tax, instead, they should aim at using all the legal tools around them to pay the less tax that's legally possible. In general, it's easier to find these tools by combining structures in different countries. This is where asset protection in Saint Kitts and Nevis comes into the picture.

How Nevis citizenship with a trust can help me protect my money 

Asset protection in Saint Kitts and Nevis is very strong because the country has protective laws, especially for assets within a local trust. For a person to seize the assets of the said trust they have to do it through a local court since foreign court rulings are not taken into account. This is great if, for example, you have an ex-spouse or a creditor that's trying to get your money out of spite.

Nevis citizenship: what do you need to know

You can acquire citizenship through a Nevis investment and thus get a second passport that can be useful in times of crisis. Moreover, when everything is running smoothly, this passport can help you access new opportunities. 

There are two possible investments to make, one in real estate and the other one as a donation to the country's funds. Either way, you'll have to pass a background check and a due diligence process if you want to get a second citizenship to protect assets.

A Saint Kitts and Nevis passport is a coveted document because it offers you visa-free travel to over 150 countries. When it comes to the Nevis investment, the minimum is 150,000 USD and 200,000 USD (for donation and real estate respectively). The number will increase as you add more dependents, and this doesn't include legal or government fees or the cost of the due diligence process.

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What benefits do I get if I establish a trust in Nevis?

Firstly, a trust is beneficial in any jurisdiction. The advantage of this country is that, if you establish a trust in Nevis, you access a more protective environment. The trust is the perfect tool to protect your cash, investments, properties, works of art, vehicles, and all the assets you may have. The key to this protection lies in the trust structure which is based on separating assets from the original owner. Thus, you hand over your assets to a person or company so they will take them into custody. When creating a trust, the original owner or settler stipulates who will benefit from the said assets. So, there are three players when you establish a trust in Nevis or any other jurisdiction: the settler (original owner), the trustee (person or company that looks after the assets), and the beneficiary or beneficiaries (those who receive a benefit from the trust). The condition (amount and timing) to use the assets is stipulated originally by the settler. 

All in all, citizenship plus trust can be a great solution in Nevis as you get to protect your assets. Also, obtaining a second passport opens many doors and can save you in a time of crisis.

Disclaimer: this article is not to be taken as legal advice. The requirements, conditions, and characteristics described here are general. If you want to get Nevis trust or citizenship, make sure you consult with a qualified professional in those fields.

Why establish your structure for asset protection in Nevis

In general, this is a great jurisdiction for business because it doesn't apply personal income tax and has a territorial system. Moreover, its pro-business environment helps businesses thrive. If you're interested in a trust, establish a trust in Nevis because this is one of the most protective ones in the world thanks to its unique legislation. 

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