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Grenada citizenship: What is the best investment passport I can get if I want to do business with China?

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What is the most ideal investment passport in 2023? There's only one correct answer: the one that fits your needs. On this occasion, we address those people that are doing business with an Asian power: the People's Republic of China. A passport with visa-free entry to China will surely help you if you're interested in this nation.

Grenada citizenship by investment opens the doors to China

If you're interested in this Asian giant country for whatever reason, entrepreneurial, culture, or education, Grenada citizenship will allow you to travel more easily. Both nations have kept outstanding diplomatic relationships for 17 years understanding and respecting each other. Thus, the PCR and the tiny Caribbean country have established win-win agreements with the same goal in mind: development based on cooperation. 

By accessing the Grenada citizenship by investment program, you’ll also be opening the doors for better connections with China. Clearly, these two countries have friendly relationships which will help you travel more easily and get more access.

In 2005 Grenada recognized the one-China principle and has honored this commitment for 17 years. Besides supporting each other regarding their core interests, they've cooperated in other areas as well. For example, both countries collaborated to address climate change and shift to more sustainable models. 

The cooperation can also be seen in actual projects. The Chinese government was responsible for the implementation of 1,000 apartments for Grenadians. Also, they contributed to expanding important sports centers in the region and provided financial support for improving basketball courts in the country.

More education for a steady growth 

One of the many benefits of the diplomatic relationship between Grenada and China is the improvement of education. The Asian country has provided many opportunities for Grenadian citizens.

Last year the People's Republic of China offered four virtual courses in March and April. The courses were the following: a workshop about investments and development, corporate leadership seminar for those involved in the IT and telecommunications industry, an educational seminar, and training in developing edible fungi. Also, the government of China made available grants for Grenadians citizens to study in Chinese universities at different levels: master’s, doctorate, and undergraduate. 

Grenada passport requirements

So, how to get the Grenada passport by investment? The government offers two standard options for such programs: donation and real estate. These programs have one thing in common for which they require you to spend: the investment per se, the legal fees (from the agent that handles your case), the government fees (for the background check), and expenses (in case you need translations, apostilled copies, send or receive documents by post mail, etc).

In the case of the donation, the money you give is nonrefundable. For one single person is $150,000, and for two, three, or four applicants is $200,000. It's worth noting that it can't just be any three people: it must be the applicant plus family members (spouse and children up to 30 years old, and other relatives allowed by the program).

For real estate investment, you have two options: $220,000 for real estate in the tourism sector for a single applicant or an applicant that wants to invest as a co-investor with other applicants. 

The other real estate option to get Grenada passport is with a 330,000-dollar investment. In this case, you can acquire properties outside of the tourism sector and you have to apply without co-investors.

The government will charge a 25,000 fee for each additional dependent and a 50,000-dollar fee for the main applicant. Please note that additional fees apply to government and due diligence. To find out what are the legal fees for your family in particular, please contact us.

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Get Grenada passport: visa-free countries

With Grenada citizenship, you can travel to several countries without a visa or in some cases with a visa on arrival. In this regard, Grenada ranks 33rd in the world. Here is information on the Grenada passport visa-free countries:

Visa free travel

In Europe, you can travel to the EU, Switzerland, the UK, and others. In America, you can travel to Brazil, Argentina, and other important destinations in the region. For Turkey, you’ll need an e-visa. Naturally, the PRC is included on this list. 

Visa required

New Zealand, Belarus, United States, and others.

Grenada citizenship by investment

To sum up, if you’re looking for a passport with visa-free entry to China, this island is one of the best investment passport options. Moreover, Mundo’s team has experts specialized in second citizenships, particularly in the Caribbean and Vanuatu. If you apply right now there's an excellent opportunity to invest in a world-class hotel to be inaugurated in 2025. It will have 150 high-end rooms and luxury entertainment options like a pool, a spa, gastronomy, a fitness center, and a Bar and Grill. 

If you have connections with China, get Grenada passport by investment and travel visa-free to the place where you want to be. Immerse yourself in this ancient and wise culture while widening your horizons. 

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