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The top 5 jurisdictions to get citizenship in 2023

1/13/2023 8:00:00 AM
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If you're wondering where to get citizenship in 2023, you've come to the right place. Immigration has been an important part of our history as human beings. Actually, the world wouldn't be as it is today if it wasn't for immigration. 

This article features a list of the best five citizenship options for people seeking where to immigrate.

A little history 

The first migration movements started during the Paleolithic era. At that time, people simply moved to non-inhabited places. During the Neolithic, most migrating movements changed becoming mostly warlike. It was about the expansion of populations to conquer other inhabited territories. Also called colonialism, this consists of the expansion into territories with sparsely settled communities. 

Immigration in modern times

In our days, immigration takes place when people move from one sovereign state to another, a process that can be legal or illegal. The standard ways of legal migration consist of study visas, work visas, marriage visas, or special visas (like the EB2). Generally, these individuals choose the best countries to migrate to considering their needs. Thus, they live many years under temporary visas and eventually can become citizens.

Investment citizenship 2023

Now you can also choose citizenship by making a donation or investment. These options have been available for nearly four decades since the Saint Kitts passport was released. Applicants can access citizenship immediately providing they make an investment or donation. In other words, they contribute to the economy and get the right to citizenship. The keyword is the “right” to citizenship because this is not about giving it away. Foreigners have to pass a due diligence process in order to be approved. Advertises on this topic usually mislead people making them believe that someone can buy a passport when actually they get the right to apply for citizenship.

Investment citizenship 2023: best country to immigrate

So, what is the best place to immigrate in 2023? While Nevis was the first jurisdiction to implement investment citizenship, plenty of programs of this kind are now available. Here's Mundo's selection of the best five citizenship options for the new year.

More information

Saint Kitts and Nevis

There are two options to obtain the Saint Kitts passport: a donation or a real estate purchase. Both alternatives have their pros and cons, and they can be summarized thus: 

The donation is faster, but it doesn't bring you any benefits like capital gains, return on the investment, or passive income. Naturally, choosing a real estate property is more complicated and the investment is larger. Nonetheless, you'll have an asset that will bring you benefits.

While the minimum donation is $150,000, the minimum real estate investment is $200,000. To find out about the fees and costs, check out our article. Prices vary if you apply solo or with your family.

Vanuatu citizenship 

With Vanuatu citizenship, you can improve your lifestyle significantly. We’re talking about a unique island on the Pacific Ocean. It boasts impressive landscapes and a great culture: the native people are very close to their roots and the wisdom of their ancestors which results in a peaceful society. Vanuatu does a great job when it comes to integrating tradition and progress because it's home to a developed financial sector. This is the right option if you want a second citizenship in a place where you can be safe from the world's problems. 

Get Vanuatu citizenship for a family of four members for $195,000. For other options and more information about the program visit our article.


If you're wondering where to immigrate in 2023, don't forget about Grenada. It comes with many benefits including tax incentives and visa-free travel to several countries (over a hundred). The approval process usually takes between 90 and 120 days, which means that you can get your citizenship in less than six months. The best part is that you don't have to travel. One of the best perks of Grenada is that citizens can apply for an E2 visa. If you’re not familiar with it, yet, it’s a special program for businesspeople, however, it's available only to individuals of certain nations. Grenada is one of these nations which is a big plus when looking for the best country to immigrate to this year. Finally, the Grenada passport allows you to include siblings and parents in your application which is great for large families.


Created in 2017, this program is one of the best five citizenship options this year. One of its best characteristics is that it's available for Russians. With a Turkish passport, you can travel to over 110 jurisdictions. Turkey brings three ways to access citizenship: the minimum investment for real estate is $250,000. Other options are bank deposits, real estate trust investments, and government bonds. In all cases, the minimum investment is $500,000. If you're seriously considering getting a Turkish passport, read more about it here.

St Lucia

This island brings a third possibility besides donation and real estate: bond investment. Thus, you get a passport in the Caribbean where you can live a tropical-style life. The minimum contributions stipulated are:

Donation: $150,000 for a family of four

Real estate: $300,000

Bond investment: $250,000

Moreover, Saint Lucia brings great alternatives as a corporate center as you can read in one of our latest entries. 

Disclaimer: the content in this article is merely informative. if you're interested in one of these services contact your Mundo expert for information about your specific case. This article doesn't replace a legal consultation.

Find the best place to immigrate with Mundo

Mundo has partnered with the best providers of second citizenship in the world. With offices in different countries and continents, we are proud of our team of qualified people providing flexible options.

While Turkey is the best option for Russians, Grenada is the best program for large families. Saint Lucia comes with a solid corporate sector for you to grow your finances. Parallelly, Vanuatu and Saint Kitts and Nevis are places with advanced business centers. Choose any of the best five citizenship options from this selection and start building a better life for you and your loved ones.

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