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Vanuatu citizenship by investment program: a passport to freedom

12/12/2022 8:00:00 AM
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Getting a second passport is a smart move for the international entrepreneur. Several countries around the world offer these programs in which you acquire citizenship through a donation or investment. But there's a whole aspect to this strategy that is directly related to personal freedom and life quality. If you're looking for citizenship by investment, Vanuatu is the solution. Let's see why.

The debacle of the world as we know it

For several decades, international organizations have been trying to make the world a better place, but have they succeeded? There are different opinions when it comes to this aspect. Either way, the Vanuatu passport brings lots of benefits. 

If you live in a safe environment, Vanuatu offers you plenty of financial solutions and a beautiful place to call home. On the other hand, if we take the less optimistic point of view, Vanuatu island citizenship becomes a unique solution.

10 facts that prove that the world is becoming a worse place every decade

Immigration crisis

In the past century, we have witnessed some terrible events when it comes to immigration. People try to escape the terrible conditions they live in and are willing to do anything for a better future. Children are separated from their families at the borders, and millions of people have escaped to countries like the US, the UK, and Poland. 

Totalitarian governments 

In Germany, for example, the right-wing parties haven’t had a place in the senate since World War II, however, in 2018 they had already 40 representatives. Nowadays, a large and powerful government like China is still imparting strict isolation policies and movement restrictions, even though Covid-19 has been under control for over a year. 

Global warming 

The effects of global warming are increasingly evident: hurricanes, storms, climate abnormalities, and extreme temperatures. Although there are different points of view, many experts state that it’s too late to stop the dreadful consequences of this change. 


With overpopulation and the disappearance of obsolete job positions, unemployment has become a severe issue. The economic crisis enhances the gap between the upper class and the middle class, resulting in a deterioration of the social balance. Parallelly, 50% of the world’s wealth belongs to only 1% of the population. 


1 out of 5 people in Spain is on the verge of poverty. Things don’t look better in Mexico, where 43% of the people find themselves in a precarious situation. Ironically, experts say that this is the time when resources and wealth are more abundant than ever. 


Two-thirds of the countries only reach a 50:100 ratio when it comes to corruption, which is a worrying number. In some countries, corruption is one of the main facts that prevent them from further developing their economies. 

War and violence 

War is far from being eradicated. The war in Syria lasted more than 7 years (longer than World War II), and foreign attacks and civil wars are breaking out in different places of the world harming lots of people.

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Vanuatu citizenship by investment: a one-way ticket to freedom

There are various ways in which a person can escape war, unemployment, and social turmoil. Mundo offers what we call a ‘passport to freedom’ because the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program opens the doors to a new world.

No taxation 

Besides some indirect tax rates, like VAT or customs, Vanuatu is mostly tax-free, providing a great environment for financial and personal development. 

Powerful financial sector

Vanuatu has been an offshore financial hub since 1972 and is home to many international banks.

Peaceful environment

Get Vanuatu citizenship to live in a laidback tropical paradise. Also, the native people are very connected to their culture and are happy, respectful, and friendly. Away from modern influences, they are still close to the wisdom of their ancestors. 

Low-cost housing

Real estate is still affordable in Vanuatu, where you can live with the style that you deserve. 

Widen your horizons 

Thanks to the Vanuatu passport you can visit 96 countries without having to apply for a visa. This includes popular jurisdictions like Hong Kong, the UK, and Singapore. 

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Vanuatu citizenship cost

To get Vanuatu citizenship by investment you need to be of impeccable character. You have to prove your identity and that you don't have a criminal record in your native country or in any country where you have lived. 

This is one of the only citizenship programs that offer a previous clearance, which, once you've passed it, increases your chances to get accepted. Firstly, applicants must pay $10,000 for the clearance process. If you don't pass this we give you back half of this ($5000), but this has never happened to us.

The next stage is to present your CV, police clearance, and all the documents related to the KYC process. It's also time for you to pay the rest of the fees:

  • Individual applicant: $135,000
  • One couple: $ 155,000
  • One couple with a child: $175,000
  • One couple with two children: $195,000
  • Five applicants: $210,000
  • Six applicants: $225,000

Note: These fees are indicative and may vary depending on your family’s composition, the age of your relatives, the type of relationship, etc. Contact your Mundo expert for a definitive quotation. 

Get Vanuatu citizenship by investment with Mundo 

If you want to break free of the totalitarian governments that decide over your freedom and your life, if you want to live in peace, a Vanuatu passport is your ticket to freedom.

Vanuatu citizenship benefits are huge both financially and personally, and this is not a minor detail in today's world. It's clear that unemployment, war, and restriction of freedom are right around the corner, and this is a great opportunity to have a safe place where to protect yourself and your family.

The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program provides full citizenship and the right to live in the country. Moreover, you can renew your passport once expired and your honorary citizenship can be passed to the next generations.

The Mundo team has its office in Vanuatu which is run by legal experts and corporate specialists. They are supported by our team in different parts of the world that provide solutions and services for the international entrepreneur and nomad capitalist, covering their needs and understanding the demands of the 21st century. 

Start now and get Vanuatu island citizenship in the next few months with the help of your Mundo expert.

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