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Get a second Passport: Turkey as a solution to the modern world’s problems

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Turkey is a very rich country and an ideal place to live, opening the doors for Turkey nationality through investment to individuals all over the world. This is a unique opportunity for those who want to invest or simply search for a healthy environment where to develop themselves freely.

Today the editorial team presents this article, especially for those who desire to get citizenship in Turkey.

Second passport: Turkey and its rich cultural legacy

If you want to get a second citizenship in Turkey, you need to understand that you're not buying a travel document or simply a passport. Instead, you're getting a new home and entering a wonderful culture. Local folklore is full of legends and stories that contributed to forming the solid society that they have now.

Unlike other people, the Turkish respect their elderly greatly. In line with this, they consider family to be sacred and they're very neighborly. In Turkey, you'll find that your relationships with neighbors will be sincere and close.

This openness may be a result of the country’s wide ethnic diversity and strong religious beliefs. You’ll find 75% of Turks, 18% percent of Kurds, and the remaining percentage encompasses various ethnicities. This includes Georgians, Armenians, Australians, Dutch, Greeks, Germans, Russians, Serbs, and Uzbeks. 

When we talk about businesses in Turkey, we discuss a serious matter. The dress code is formal and during business meetings, people address each other by Mr., or Mrs., followed by the last name. In general, Turkey is conservative when it comes to outfits, especially in smaller cities. Considering this after getting your Turkey citizenship by investment is important if you want to fit in your new country.

The legend of Kiz Mulesi 

A large part of Turkey’s culture is formed by the country's myths and legends. One of the most beautiful ones is the story of the maiden's tower (also known as Istanbul's Kiz Kulesi). The legend says that there was a powerful Sultan called Seljuk, who had a beautiful daughter. He loved her and cherished her deeply; this is why he entered into a state of despair when he had a horrid nightmare. In his dream, his daughter was bitten by a snake and died.

Desperate to protect his daughter he sent her away and locked her up in a tower that he had built for this purpose exclusively. Now, this building is known as the Maiden’s tower and is one of Istanbul’s most impressive landscapes. 

Trapped and alone, the princess started to get sick after many years of living in the tower. People were so touched by her suffering that they regularly sent her gifts to make her better and celebrate her optimal health.

However, a woman from the village sent her a basket of grapes, not knowing that a small snake was hiding within the fruit. That night, the princess died in her sleep after the snake bit her thus making the terrible nightmare come true.

The morals of the story 

So, what do we learn from this? How does the story of the sultan's daughter relate to Turkey citizenship by investment?

When the Sultan understood that something bad was awaiting his daughter, he decided to lock her up instead of finding a solution. This is why his plan eventually backfired.

With this in mind, what can a person do when hyperinflation, war, social unrest, and recession strike their countries? The answer is not to hide away but to find effective solutions. A second citizenship in Turkey can give you a chance to live freely. Moreover, you can make a powerful investment, acquire property, and do business. 

Second citizenship in Turkey

The program to get citizenship in Turkey was created five years ago (2017). It's now one of the best alternatives in the industry. Acquire Turkey nationality by investing a minimum amount in real estate ($250,000). You'll be pleased to know that the process is quite straightforward and fast, especially when compared with other programs.

In only three to six months, you can obtain your second citizenship in Turkey and thus be the owner of a ticket to freedom. Like any reputable country, Turkey applies a strict due diligence process which can make the journey a bit complicated for an individual. This is why the Mundo team is here for you, assisting you with our high-level experts. 

With Turkey citizenship by investment, you can travel to 111 jurisdictions without a visa. In some of them, you can enter with a visa on arrival, which is quite convenient.

If you like what you're reading, here are your options.

More information

Turkey investment: visa requirements

  • Real estate. All you have to do is invest in a property approved by the government. The minimum is $250,000.
  • Fixed capital. Minimum of $500,000.
  • Bank deposit. Deposit $500,000 in a local bank and keep the funds for at least three years.
  • Government bonds. Get citizenship in Turkey by investing $500,000 in government bonds. You have to hold them for three years at least.
  • Real estate trust. The option to put $500,000 into a real estate investment trust is one-of-a-kind. The trust must be approved by the government. As an alternative, you can get second citizenship in Turkey investing the same amount into a venture capital investment fund.

Why Get citizenship in Turkey with Mundo 

Mundo is particularly fond of Turkey because of its business-friendly environment, laid-back lifestyle, friendly people, rich culture, and real estate options.

With experts across the world in Nevis, Panama, Riga, and New Zealand, we can certainly provide all the resources for you to achieve your goals. If you want to be free of governments’ poor decisions, having many travel documents is the answer. If you choose Turkish citizenship by investment, you won't regret it as you'll be a citizen of a reputable country and have many opportunities for individual and financial development. 

At Mundo, we are committed to a sole objective: achieving financial freedom for ourselves and our clients. Start today and contact your Mundo expert.

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