Ten years ago, when someone thought of places to protect and enhance their heritage, New Zealand was a practically unknown option, but the situation has changed rapidly. Today the great Maori archipelago is one of the favorite destinations of the most experienced investors and high net worth individuals with the highest and most sophisticated profiles in the world.

If we think about it, it makes much sense. After the financial crisis of 2008, we saw the jurisdictions that seemed to be the safest collapse. But at the same time, during that crisis, the distance that New Zealand is from the rest of the world's countries was advantageous because it allowed it to calculate its movements better to avoid any crisis.

Since then, New Zealand has become one of the best jurisdictions to invest in. That isolation for geographical reasons helped protect the New Zealand economy, which since then has not stopped growing and rising in the rankings of economic freedom and ease of doing business.

Our partners in New Zealand have years of experience designing investment products and strategies that help you multiply your wealth at a pace that best meets your needs. Unlike the standard wealth management services you can find in other jurisdictions, our New Zealand experts' help translates only into profitable businesses for you.

Having a sound wealth management scheme is essential for those who want to see the fruit of their hard work reach new levels.

Our New Zealand wealth management services can help you:

Leave the growth of your wealth on automatic pilot

Achieving a significant economic wealth level is difficult enough without counting all that needs to be done to prevent that wealth from stagnating or being lost to unfair taxation. Sometimes the burden is too much to bear individually, and that's where wealth management comes in. An estate manager takes away the stress of managing every aspect of your wealth and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your assets are in the best hands by implementing the investment strategy that best suits your needs. All this without you having to lift a finger.

Have the retirement you deserve

High net worth individuals and investors are all at heart very similar: they are tireless workers. But at some point, we all have to take time to enjoy our lives and the fruits of our labor. The retirement plan shouldn't be something you think about when you're about to do it, but rather a part of your investment strategy. A good wealth manager helps you think about your short term goals but always in favor of fulfilling your long term goals so that, when the time comes, you can dedicate yourself to enjoying the retirement you deserve.

Make the transfer of your wealth as smooth as silk

What distinguishes aristocratically minded people from ordinary people is that the former think about their legacy and what they want for the future of the people who matter to them. This is especially true of high-net-worth individuals. Wealth management always includes plans for your wishes to be fulfilled in terms of distributing your wealth to the next generations of your family.

Investing your money based on your goals and interests

Investment banks and funds generally invest your money thinking about everything but the things that matter to you. An asset manager is just the opposite. An asset manager thinks of you first, rather than his or her benefit, so when the market or opportunity changes, they will sit down with you and revisit your goals and desires to adjust the investment strategy.

Why New Zealand? Five reasons to invest your assets in the island of Maori legends

Its markets are not saturated 

One of the essential aspects that investors consider about New Zealand is that the jurisdiction is still relatively unexplored compared to other wealth management destinations in Europe or the Caribbean. Over the last few years, New Zealand has been gaining popularity among those who want to take a front-row seat in one of the world's freest economies.

A simple tax legislation 

New Zealand is not one of the freest places in the world by magic. The New Zealand government has been perfecting its legal framework for taxes for years, all to make it one of the most simplified in the world. In New Zealand, all tax burdens are combined into one fixed rate, so forget about the headaches of making endless tax returns. New Zealand has no capital gains tax nor taxes on non-resident trusts. In fact, in New Zealand, you can live for four years without paying taxes if you meet some requirements. That is one of the best-kept secrets of this jurisdiction.

Different investment opportunities

New Zealand has an impressive range of investment possibilities. The real estate market is in full expansion, but financial services, the primary sector of the economy, and investments in infrastructure, technology, and health are also growing. It is as if each of the economic activities we know is competing to see who grows more in the New Zealand economy.

A jurisdiction isolated from almost all risks

New Zealand is not only geographically distant from the American and European markets but also economically distant. The fact that this jurisdiction is a remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean offers some advantages, such as the fact that it allows it to better prepare for economic crises and disasters such as the coronavirus pandemic.

This jurisdiction is the utopia of political stability and quality of life

The New Zealand government is one of the few in the world that seems to work for the people of its country truly. Extreme poverty does not exist in this jurisdiction, corruption rates are practically non-existent, and public services are of the highest level. All this is reflected in New Zealand's economy, which has been growing year after year since 2015 without being disturbed by external crises.

Investing in New Zealand

You know why New Zealand is one of our favorite jurisdictions. Now it's time for you to know what investing in this country looks like. 

New Zealand's economy is strongly supported by food production (usually for export to other countries such as China), tourism, infrastructure, and real estate. The financial services sector is also booming, as are technology start-ups.

When it comes to foreign investment, New Zealand has practically no restrictions. You can invest in any sector, market, or asset without any problem and with very few procedures involved. 

One of the sectors most chosen by foreign investors is the production and export of food. The reason is that New Zealand is mainly known for its reputation as a "green country." It is a kind of natural paradise. That's why food products coming from New Zealand are in great demand internationally, especially in Australia and Asia.

A safe investment route in New Zealand can be to invest in aquaculture since shellfish and salmon farming in this country has reached export values counted in billions of dollars in the last ten years. Other attractive investment options include New Zealand's agricultural products and wine production, gaining international fame.

Another aspect that makes foreign investment in New Zealand is immigration. The arrival of people from all over the world has triggered the demand for new real estate projects, expansion of transport infrastructure, telecommunications, services, and health. It is like a domino effect that creates the ideal conditions for New Zealand to offer investment opportunities in practically any asset or market.

The arrival of professionals and investors, its expanding economy, a responsible government, and the highest levels of economic freedom and ease of doing business in the world make New Zealand the perfect place to invest your money.

How wealth management works with our New Zealand experts

Our partners in New Zealand have accumulated experience in Switzerland's private banking and asset management sector, so they are perfectly qualified to make your money grow through diversified investments in the growing New Zealand economy. 

The results we have achieved with our New Zealand wealth management clients are due to extensive experience and a process that we have refined over the years and that today is an ideal formula to multiply money in the Maori archipelago.

Our approach to managing the wealth of high net worth investors and individuals consist of five steps, each designed to protect and diversify the investment options available. Here's how it works:

Step 1

The process begins with establishing a trust for you. Our New Zealand partners can be your custodian trustees and financial advisers. This way, we can manage the funds with your best interest in mind.

Step 2

The second step is to lend the money to secured creditors over property transactions. We generally work with real estate investors who are looking for a short-term financial solution. 

The loan is made in the name of your trust, so any debt resulting from the transaction will remain with you. Our experts and attorneys prepare mortgage and security documentation (all paid for by the borrower). This allows us to ensure that the loan remains in the name of your trust and secured by a mortgage. Our experts always think beyond the market interest returns to minimize risk. 

Step 3

This is the time to diversify your investment in other areas of the New Zealand economy. Our team will be ready to help you register funds in various investment areas within New Zealand, including equity positions in property, share milk agreements with farmers, high profile businesses, stocks, bonds, silver, and gold.

Step 4

Your funds are sent to our holding or escrow account through "Nexor 1", one of the most respected and secure bank authentication software worldwide. This means that you will have real-time access to your account at all times to review your funds. 

Step 5 

We send the profit from your investments back to your trust, and there it is held by the beneficiary or beneficiaries you have chosen. As there is no capital gains tax in New Zealand, this method also allows you to achieve higher tax optimization levels while investing in property, shares, or precious metals.

Do you need a simpler scheme? We have it. Becoming a lender in New Zealand

Some investors just want a simple mechanism that allows them to make as much money as possible. In that case, we also have a carefully designed plan to keep the operation profitable but straightforward. It's all about becoming a lender in New Zealand. Let's see what it's all about.

When you deposit money in your bank, usually, the bank lends it back over the property and secures it with mortgages over the assets. During this process, your deposit is unprotected, and the bank stays to benefit from owning the mortgage. This is a bad deal for you because it means that if the bank becomes insolvent, you have no chance to defend the money you deposited. This is a risky operation that is not reflected in the interest you earn on the money you deposit.

Our alternative in New Zealand is much better than traditional banking. Our services are designed to maximize the benefits you get from the money you invest. And in this case, the process works as follows:

We do source short-term loans for one year secured by a mortgage at a high-interest rate. This allows developers, investors, or homebuyers to access short-term capital that can be repaid after they secure bank financing. 

The interest on these short-term loans is as high as 10%, and since your trust owns the security of the property, your investment is much safer than a bank deposit.

Even if the borrower cannot pay you back, you will be in power to sell the asset or take it instead of debt. The advantage is that your funds are not tied up long term so that you can avoid long term fluctuations or risks.

With this scheme of over property loans, you can invest more safely than, for example, by acquiring shares and bonds. You can have this scheme working no time if you have a capital that reaches at least one million dollars. Our team of experts takes care of the whole process, so you won't have to deal with paperwork or anything else.

Who are we, and what can we do for you?

Mundo has partnered with a prestigious corporate group to provide a full range of investment and wealth management solutions for the world's most demanding high-net-worth individuals and investors. We have had the opportunity to help our clients secure and grow their wealth in the best jurisdictions during this time.

What makes us work harder than ever to find ways to protect our clients' freedoms is that today more than ever before, corrupt governments, authoritarian regimes, and tragedies like the covid-19 pandemic have made the world a place where terror and oppression threaten the free way of life and the economic well-being of people.

Over the past three decades, our work has led us to build an international network of expertise, and now that network reaches New Zealand. That's why today we can offer you the best financial and wealth management services in one of the noisiest jurisdictions in the world (and for the right reasons).

New Zealand is your opportunity to put your wealth in a safe place and let it multiply in one of the freest economies on the whole planet. And we can help you make that happen.

If you are ready to start with your wealth management strategy, do not hesitate to contact us! You can meet the New Zealand experts team, who will make sure you don't have to lift a finger during the process. 

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