One of the most valuable resources for international investors and high net worth individuals is information. 

Or more specifically, accurate and up-to-date information. That's why having a glimpse of the New Zealand reality is vitally important when deciding whether or not it's worth investing in New Zealand at this time.

To stay informed, there is nothing better than getting information directly from the original source, which in this case is the New Zealand Government Agencies. 

If you want to personally check the latest updates, here are the most relevant New Zealand Government Agencies for a foreign investor:

Financial Markets Authority

For foreign investors interested in obtaining some kind of license to carry out financial services in New Zealand, the Financial Markets Authority will be the most important institution to follow and be aware of the new regulations to be passed. 

Ministry of Enterprise, Innovation and Employment

This is one of the most important Government Agencies in all of New Zealand. This ministry plays a vital role in the economic dynamics of the country and is responsible for designing the regulatory framework for the growth of the economy and domestic markets. The main reason why this ministry is such a good source of information is because it contains within it other agencies such as the Immigration, Intellectual Property, and Business Registration Office.

Trade and Enterprise New Zealand

This is the government office aimed at promoting economic activity and the growth of New Zealand businesses in international markets. It is also the institution that facilitates foreign investment within New Zealand.

NZ Commerce Commission 

The Trade Commission is the agency that, in practical terms, regulates the rules of the game for entrepreneurs in New Zealand. The objective of this institution is to protect the competition rules that have made the New Zealand economy one of the freest in the world.