Although there are innovative treatments and vaccines dedicated to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still too early to eliminate the barriers and measures that countries around the world have implemented for almost 2 years now. 

This new reality has caused processes to change, as well as many of the requirements when moving from one country to another, whether for tourism, business, or any other reason.

Curaçao is no exception to this trend, so, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the status of the pandemic if you are planning a trip or investing in this beloved Caribbean paradise.

Rate of Cases

Curaçao has a considerably smaller population than the rest of the countries in the region (the island had a total of 155,014 inhabitants by 2020). From the start of the outbreak of the pandemic, this country, which belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands has registered a total of 37,129 cases, with a total mortality figure of 232 people, according to official government figures.

Although the health administration and other authorities claimed at the end of 2021 that the number of cases was under control, additional controls have been introduced following an increase in infections during the first two weeks of 2022.

To date (February 2022), Curaçao’s authorities are counting an average of 120 cases per day on the island, with a fairly low mortality rate, which is expected to remain under control in the coming weeks.

Vaccination Rates

Since the immunization processes against the Covid-19 virus began, the low number of inhabitants on the island of Curaçao greatly facilitated the implementation of the vaccines. In this country, the main vaccine administered was BioNTech-Pfizer, and its application began on February 24, 2021.

By February 2022, according to official figures, the distribution of vaccinated people in Curaçao (according to the island's health authorities quoted by Our World in Data) is detailed as below:

At Least One Dose

106.029 (68.4%)

Fully Vaccinated

97.614 (63%)

Received Booster Dose

36.730 (23.7%)

What do you need to know if you are thinking about going to Curaçao?

Although the island of Curaçao has claimed to have several Covid-19 cases under control, it has not lifted the security and protection measures for international travelers. The country's border was reopened during 2021 and transit through the country has been conditioned by the decisions and guidelines of government agencies.

The latest measures, with an automatic application after December 31, 2021, apply to all types of travelers, and are as follows:

- You are required to bring a physical or digital document of evidence of the obligatory steps at all times while on your trip.

- If you do not fulfill the previous conditions, you may be placed in quarantine at your arrival. This is at your own expense.

- The visitors who travel from EU member states can now use the EU Digital Crown Certificate (EU DCC) as evidence of tests and vaccination and request it in line with Curaçao's entrance policy.

- If you are connecting through an international gateway, please ensure to adhere to the respective country's travel regulations.

- Verify that your travel health insurance covers you for medical care abroad and for any extra costs associated with COVID-19. Be aware that if you have to be under quarantine or get sick during your stay and, for example, have to incur any additional lodging costs, these costs will be at your expense if you are not adequately self-insured.

- You have had contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the 14 days preceding your entry. If this is the situation, you will be moved to obligatory isolation.

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Along with these new regulations, Curaçao established two lists that classify the countries from which travelers entering the island originate in terms of the risk of contagion. These lists categorize the different countries as

A. Very low-risk

B. Very high-risk

Currently, all countries are included in the very high-risk list. It should be noted that, as time progresses, the content of each list can change depending on the way in which individual country is dealing with the pandemic. For passengers arriving from high risk countries, the following requirements apply:

- Fill out the online immigration card before departure.

- Complete the Passenger Locator Card (PLC) digitally 48 hours before departure and have a paper or digital record of evidence with you.

- Every tourist entering Curaçao will be required to present a negative result of a COVID-19 PCR certified test taken at latest 48 hours before the flight to Curaçao. It is mandatory to be in possession of a physical or digital copy of the test. 

- All departure travelers from those countries will be asked to take an Antigen test in a domestic laboratory on the 3rd day of their visit to Curaçao. The booking and fee for the 3rd day antigen test is included as in the PLC process. 

Curaçao has done a good job in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, in part, thanks to its low population numbers, but also thanks to a strong organization that has kept the number of infections under control for a significant period.

This is a very promising sign for investors and entrepreneurs around the world. Let us remember that Curaçao is one of the main business centers in the Caribbean, with important trade relations with the US and the EU, so the reactivation of its different services and investment opportunities will be of enormous benefit for both the country and its partners.


Do I need to be vaccinated to enter Curaçao?

No. A complete vaccination process is not required by the Curaçao authorities to enter the island.

Do I have to comply with quarantine when entering Curaçao?

Curaçao regulations only indicate mandatory quarantine when entering the country if the traveler has been in contact with a positive case for Covid-19 in the last 14 days, or if the traveler has not presented the documentation indicated above in this article.

If this is not the case, the traveler may enter Curaçao without major inconveniences.

Are there any exceptions to taking the antigen test on the third day of being in Curaçao?

Yes. Under certain conditions, you don’t have to take this test:

- Being a traveler from Curaçao, the Netherlands Kingdom, and Europe fully vaccinated and in possession of a European Digital Covid Certificate.

- Transit travelers.

- Travelers who depart within 3 days.

- Passengers from very Low Risk Nations

- Does the Day 3 antigen test replace the PCR test?

No. According to Curaçao regulations, you must have a negative PCR test the moment you get into the country. That is the only valid Covid-19 test.

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