About Curaçao

When we think of the Caribbean, we always think of its paradisiacal beaches, landscapes, and history, combined with a beautiful European touch thanks to the Dutch heritage of its territory. Undoubtedly a jewel in the middle of the sea. But what we are most interested in knowing about Curaçao is, without any doubt, its advantages around the formation of offshore companies. We’ll talk about this later.

The Country of Curaçao is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea, belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Together with Aruba and Sint Maarten, it became an autonomous territory in 2010. Its small size, landscapes, and attractions have turned it into an important tourist destination for the entire continent and the world, being this one of its main sources of income, thanks to its awesome tropical climate, something certainly important when you look for a place for your next vacation.

Mundo’s Freedom Rating (0 to 10)

Mundo’s Country Rating is an index whereby our team of specialists analyzed different elements regarding several types of freedom. In the analysis, we give special attention to personal, financial, and business freedom. Today, we want to talk about our ratings for one of our countries: Curaçao. The rating for each category goes from 1 to 10.

Political Stability: 7

Curaçao is a young autonomous country located in the Caribbean Sea. Its form of government is composed of a Parliamentary Democracy, where the head of state is the King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, with a representative governor on the island, and a Prime Minister elected by Parliament who is in charge of most local affairs.

Companies and Structures

Curaçao is one of the best-known and most interesting destinations in the Caribbean. Its belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands gives it enormous advantages and characteristics of any other European country, combined with the traditions, customs, and great cultural mix typical of the unions of different histories in this small enclave.

This small island has become in recent years one of the most stable economies in the Caribbean region, making it a focus of attention for businessmen and investors from all over the world. Curaçao combines friendly policies for foreign investment with enormous natural beauty, typical of the Caribbean that can be exotic and more than striking for Europeans and anyone who does not know this part of the world.

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