Curaçao is a pioneer in the continent in offering gaming licenses, which added to the fact that it belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands makes it the leading actor with the highest index of political and legal stability to invest in this area.

Being a pioneer in the matter, Curaçao issued in 1993 the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard. It provides investors with a legal structure to carry out their operations within the framework of the law and the benefits it can offer them.

Initially, licenses were managed through the Ministry of Justice; however, given the growth of the industry and the needs of the state and the investors themselves, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) was created and came into force in 2018. Still, it was not until 2019 that it was given the relevant powers to be the highest authority in the e-gaming sector.

According to the island's laws, having the license is fundamental to be able to access bank accounts, have a legitimate business, and be able to make use of the association with other investors in the sector. In a nutshell: 

- The procedure is fast, ranging from 4 to 8 weeks, and inexpensive, with an initial investment of about $34,000.

- Net profits will only be charged with 2% of taxes.

- According to Curaçao's National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard there are two types of licenses, a sub-license and a master license.

- After you have a license you will be able to offer any online gambling and betting product worldwide with very few restrictions.


As previously mentioned, political and legal stability is an excellent attraction for investors who wish to enter this sector. Still, they are not enough to understand the magnitude of the opportunities that Curaçao offers for e-gaming.

To be more specific, among its benefits is the friendly tax law Curaçao Profit Tax Ordinance of 2020,

based on the Model Tax Convention on Income of the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD);

for those who operate within the gaming sector, both face-to-face and online. In turn, you are allowed to work in any area of the gambling sector with only 2% of taxes on the profit.

The procedure is not only fast, ranging from 4 to 8 weeks, but also inexpensive, with an initial investment of about $34,000. At the same time, the regulations are friendlier than in other countries for the investor and his interests. They are contemplated within the legal framework and have independent authority.

We cannot fail to mention also the usefulness of Curaçao's IT infrastructure, which allows investor opportunities for online operators such as well-managed servers.

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Types of Licenses 

According to Curaçao's National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard, there are only two types to apply for. Each one offers high benefits for the investor, and we advise you to choose one according to your particular interests.

The first type, which is called a sub-license, despite being the one that offers minor benefits, allows you to access the same privileges that people who operate in the betting sector have, such as no taxation on profit and VAT, which allows the investor to operate with a wide margin of net profit. It is personal and does not allow it to be extended to other individuals.

The second type, called a master license, offers equal benefits,, as previously mentioned, with the added value that it allows its owner to franchise his license and thus grant sub-licenses to other interested investors. Due to its characteristics, this license requires more time to be processed even both have the same requirements, but our team is ready to help you if you want to apply for one.


While Curaçao gaming licenses offer great benefits, persons interested in investing their capital in one of them must meet these criteria:

- Identification of the Beneficial Owner with his satisfactory references.

- Detailed and transparent descriptions of all games offered by the operators and their respective auditing systems.

- Have at least one partner operating directly in Curaçao.

- Original certificate of no criminal record of the owner of the company. The document must not be more than 3 months old.

- Certified copy of passport not older than 3 months.

- Original bank references of the owner, not older than 3 months.

- Original or certified copy of utility bills not older than three months.

- Description and details of the game offered with its respective rules and auditing system.

- Explanation software to be used in the gaming operations, including copies of software license agreements.

- Confirmation of the application of the RNG and its fairness if applicable.

- Target Market

- Copies of Terms and Conditions should include underage gaming policies, responsible gaming policies, and AML policies.

- Hosting a minimum of one backup copy of the customer and transaction database in Curaçao.

If your application process has been successful, you will be allowed to execute several actions, deals, offer products as you will be the owner of the intellectual property of your domain names, the software you use, URLs, and many more.

Among the actions you may take is to offer any online gambling and betting product worldwide with very few restrictions in terms of target markets such as domestic and international markets such as the USA and members of the European Union.

You will also enter into agreements with multiple merchant service providers and software providers that will boost your business. You will have the opportunity to open and operate bank accounts anywhere in the world with any bank where banking business is accepted.

FAQ Section

Can anyone apply for a gaming license in Curaçao?

Yes, as long as the person is operating in the territory or has a partner within the territory.

Which is the curacao gaming license cost?

It requires an initial investment of US$34,000 and monthly maintenance fees of at least US$2,000.

How long does it take to obtain a gaming license?

Between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the type of license you have applied for.

By investing in the gaming sector do I become eligible for an investment visa?

Yes, investing in the gaming sector makes you eligible for investment residency as long as you have invested a minimum of $280,000.

Are there authorities supporting and regulating the operations of the gaming sector in Curaçao?

Yes, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board is in charge of supervising the operations in the gaming sector.


To get a Gaming License on this Caribbean island is an excellent investment option for you. It is a business with many possibilities and great rewards if you know how to manage it. This Country is one of the leaders in the issuance of this type of license, and, at the same time, it is one of the easiest to get.

Its holders must respect the rules and laws ruling in Curaçao authorities, which is not a problem given a large number of partners and destinations to which they can direct their operations once their process has been processed and approved.

As previously described, obtaining a gaming license in Curaçao is a golden opportunity for those investors who wish to venture into the gambling business. Our team is highly qualified to assist you at every stage, adapting to your preferences and interests.

Our team is well versed in the legal frameworks, and we have partnerships with international financial and payment institutions that focus on the e-gaming sector.

Therefore our team of experts can:

- Incorporate an offshore company in Curaçao.

- Assistance and advice in the application process.

- A Corporate E-Gaming Account.

- Establish a corporate merchant account to accept payments directly through Visa & Mastercard.

- Maintain support through personalized advice after completing your application.

It is our pleasure to accompany and advise you during this process. Whether you decide to take advantage of the glamour of the Caribbean along with the order and stability of Europe. Curaçao is an excellent destination for you and your partners.

Do not hesitate to contact us. This process can take up to 4 months, but you won't realize it until you have the gaming license in your hands with our support. Our team is waiting for you!

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