Curaçao is an island paradise that combines beautiful landscapes and amazing beaches with an advantageous geographical position, financial benefits and a close connection to Europe as its dependency on the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which make this country a great destination for tourism or even to build a new life.

The most notable features of this island are its tax policies and economic system, as it is one of the main offshore business locations in the Caribbean region, as well as being a profitable place for business in general. However, with its warm climate and relatively quiet atmosphere, it is also attractive to expats who want to live their life by the sea on a Caribbean beach.

Plus, in Curaçao you will find an enormous cultural mix, beautiful landscapes, and the most varied lifestyles, typical of a first-class tourist destination, but which also offers great opportunities to those who decide to move their entire life there. Without a doubt, you should know what life is like for those who make this important decision.

Why Curaçao?

Moving to Curaçao to start a new life is relatively easy compared to other countries, especially if you are a citizen of the Netherlands, the United States or a European country in general. For these countries, the only requirement is a work permit, which, thanks to the speed of the bureaucracy in Curaçao, is not very difficult to apply for.

As for the friendliness of its people, this small Caribbean island stands out for its kindness and constant good treatment of foreigners and nationals. In this country, if you treat others well, you will be treated well. As for its culture, it is not difficult to integrate, since the great cultural mix of which we speak creates a large number of customs, traditions, and activities in which you can interact.

In addition, language will not be a barrier in most cases. Given that Curaçao is a tourist destination for several countries, languages such as Dutch, English, and Spanish are spoken on the island, in addition to Papiamentu, as the native language.

The doors of this beautiful island are open to enthusiasts and lovers of Caribbean life, and who also seek to enjoy the best of both worlds. This island has enormous natural attractions to discover, which, surrounded by the right company, will give you plenty to do during your time on the island.

As for the business world, the government of Curaçao has been dedicated to promoting free-market policies, as we have also mentioned about its tax benefits, all with the intention of attracting foreign capital and encouraging investment within the country and have a sustainable economy, so to establish within this country should not have much difficulty, beyond the administrative difficulties within the company itself.

In this country, you can even access Gaming Licenses for your gaming and betting business, and best of all, you don't need to locate your business strictly in Curaçao. If you want to know more about this, you can review our article on Gaming Licenses and ask us any questions you may have.

Costs of living in Curaçao

The main concern of an expat before moving to a country is to know the cost of living. To calculate this, several elements must be taken into consideration, but beyond that, with good planning and the right advice, living as an expat in Curaçao can be achieved without much difficulty and comfortably.

On average, a person needs ANG1,647 per month (US$ 914.24) excluding rent, which, for an apartment downtown (mainly in Willemstad), can range between ANG 1,100 (US$610) and 1,200 (US$666).

If you are moving to Curaçao to start a new life, the investment opportunities, as well as the job opportunities to which you can aspire will provide you with the necessary income to have a more than a comfortable life on this beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, so if you are a successful entrepreneur, a skilled worker, or simply want to enjoy the European political and economic order from the beauties of the Caribbean, this place is for you.


Curaçao's tax policies are striking and full of opportunities for non-residents and foreigners who decide to invest and generate income in the country. The tax regulations establish important reductions for income obtained from certain domestic activities.

As far as personal taxes are concerned, the only income coming directly from Curaçao will be subject to taxation. That means if you are an international investor, and your profits and income come from abroad, you will not be subject to taxes, and you will only have to comply with the taxes on sales and other operations made on the island.

As far as taxes are concerned, for a foreigner, or non-resident, the advantages exist and are more than accessible. This is, without a doubt, another reason why Curaçao is a great option to settle down and start a new life as an expat.

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Life in Curaçao

Life in Curaçao is like living on a paradisiac island that attracts a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world. If you have settled permanently on this beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, your life will combine the duties and responsibilities required by your job or source of income, with all the glamour and appeal of living in what is simply described as paradise.

Try to imagine the following routine: Work from 8 am until 3 or 4 pm (if your investment and business income is not enough), and then enjoy the many natural attractions the island has to offer. Every day you will discover something new and you will need much more than a couple of weeks to say that you have seen it all on the island.

Your relationship with the locals will be fruitful and positive as long as there is mutual respect, thanks to the fact that, in this country, the great cultural mix denies any discriminatory practices and guarantees harmony and good living.

Your life in Curaçao will be full of adventure and great experiences. Just as you can have a job that gives you the necessary income to live comfortably, if you are an investor who enjoys life while your different investments pay off, enjoying life in a paradisiacal destination is an excellent idea.

Culture is present in the daily life of Curaçao. In every walk you take, every destination you go to, and generally, wherever you go, you will be able to perceive the culture and identity of the island. Its preserved architecture, traditional celebrations, and other social events will make you feel like one more in a great country with great opportunities.

Curaçao is undoubtedly attractive, glamorous, and typical of a paradisiacal land that keeps the organization and respect for the laws and rules of Europe, and the natural and tourist beauties of the Caribbean. Undoubtedly, this great destination has to offer the best of both worlds. For an expat, living in Curaçao combines daily responsibilities with great experiences.

For business, its membership in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and consequent proximity to Europe gives it an enormous advantage over other countries in which to do business. And if this is not enough, the United States of America is also listed as one of the main trading partners of this Caribbean island, which guarantees reliable partners and a clean business system with many alternatives.

FAQ Section

To live within Curaçao, do I have to move all my capital to the island?

No. You can invest a part of your capital in Curaçao territory and keep the rest of your business abroad. 

What is the average tax rate in Curaçao?

The average rate is 6%, however in certain cases it can be 0% or even 9%.

Can I travel outside Curaçao and keep my status on the island?

Yes, as long as all your documentation and permits are up to date you can leave and return to Curaçao.

Can I live in Curaçao without being an American or European citizen?

Yes, if you meet the requirements and apply for the proper permits and visas you may be eligible to live on the island.

Can I enter as a tourist and stay and live legally in Curaçao?

No, if your plans include an extended stay within the island you must apply for the required permits and visa to live within its territory.

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