About Liechtenstein

At first sight, Liechtenstein may seem like a time capsule to the Middle Ages, with all its medieval castles, extraordinary landscapes, and ruled by one of the few royal families left in Europe.

This tiny principality is located in a paradisiac valley in the Alps. It offers a great retreat from life in great cities and heaven for financial freedom, all this just 15 minutes from Switzerland and Austria.

With about the size of Manhattan, Liechtenstein is one of the world's smallest countries, with about 160km2 and 40,000 inhabitants.

Despite its small size and population, Liechtenstein has become one of Europe's wealthiest countries and one of its last financial freedom frontiers. The secret is a free market economy with great incentives for foreigners to invest in industries and use its financial system—this why a country of only 40,000 people has 70,000 registered companies in its territory. 

Mundo's Country Rating (out of 10)

Mundo's country rating is essentially a freedom index whereby our team of specialists rates a combination of freedoms, which include freedom from violence and personal attacks, financial freedom from high taxes, business freedom from government interference, and especially from socialism and communism.

Political stability: 10

Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy. In today’s world, that generally means a government led by a prime minister and a king or queen as a decorative figure. That’s not the case with Liechtenstein, where the prince exercises executive power.

Liechtenstein’s royal family understands the importance of furthering their citizens’ financial and personal freedoms and that translates into a country that’s light years away from Europe’s moral, political, and economic decay and especially far away from socialism. You can rest assured that Liechtenstein will remain stable for years to come, both economically and politically. No socialism, no high taxes, and no corruption or political turmoil. This is the place to be.

Banking in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a beautiful, calm country, but the reason why you should consider investing there is that, in recent years, it has become one of the principal financial hubs in the world.

The reason for this is simple: economic and political stability, excellent incentives for foreigners to use its financial system, and legal certainty that allows banks to grow and thrive.

Financial services represent 25% of Liechtenstein’s GDP, so you can be assured that the government won’t mess with such a vital source of money. In fact, they encourage it.