About Grenada

Grenada is called the spice island, and it will undoubtedly add spice to your life. This pristine, almost entirely organic, magical destination, is about to undergo an elite tourism boom due to its small population untouched sea and beaches and absolute beauty.

It is one of the jewels of the Caribbean. Unlike many of these islands, it has extremely low crime rates, but, like the rest of them, it has a very friendly population and an organic lifestyle where you can actually live and relax. We would rate it as a COVID-19 potential escape destination. The island has only had 23 confirmed cases (by the time of writing) and no active cases.

Expat Living in Grenada

Oliver is a British financial investor that, after decades of hard work, was ready to reap the benefits of his savings.

As his children were already making their own lives, he took his wife and made her the second most important proposal he's made to her: running away to an island as if we were still two easygoing teenagers.

Real estate in Grenada

If you want to immerse yourself in pure luxury with all the facilities of a five-star international hotel developed according to the highest international standards and pampered by top-class chefs, international cuisine, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. All of this in your own investment unit with stable returns and a free Grenada passport included, then read on.

Mundo has partnered with Grenada's sole five-star developer to offer our readers something above expectation.

Citizenship in Grenada

People value different things, and these things constitute the reason why someone would choose one CBI over another. What are people looking for when they apply for a second citizenship? 

Some may value safety over everything else and this is why they choose a second passport strategy because they do not want to be limited by the regulations of their home country. Others may value the ease to do business and would probably choose a passport that allows them to enter the EU market, like Malta. 

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