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Revolutionize Your Banking Experience: Discover Mundo's New Banking Options in USA, Bahamas, and Switzerland

3/29/2023 8:00:00 AM
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In our commitment to Ayn Rand’s philosophy, we at Mundo write about the hottest topics when it comes to banking, investment, companies, and migration. If you want to open a bank account in USA or want to know more about banking in Switzerland, you'll enjoy this article. We are proud to present a new product specially tailored for international investors.

About our partner

We work with a reputable bank that has been offering private banking alternatives for nearly three centuries. When a family or an individual wants to put all their capital into an investment strategy, they need an institution that they can trust, which includes reliable advisors, secure structures, and flexible options.

This institution has everything one needs to make assets grow in a conservative, secure way. They are also pioneers when it comes to sustainable investments using ESG analysis in line with their philosophy of investing sustainably while assessing risks and opportunities carefully.

They come from Switzerland but have branches in different places which is a testimony to the bank’s solid reputation and solid standing. You'll find them across 25 locations on different continents. This also helps you get to new countries, for example, you can open a bank account in Bahamas. 

Open bank accounts safely 

Secure your investment

Since it’s a family-owned bank, it has been providing services since the 19th century. Also, they have plenty of experience in conservative investments and managing risks most optimally.

Access a stable environment

If you want to open an account in Switzerland, the bank has lots of liquidity and strong capitalization.

Long term strategies

They can help you create a plan that suits not only the current members of your family but also future generations.

Get results

With their help, you can design a simple yet effective solution that delivers the desired results.

Why invest abroad through private banking?

There are many advantages when it comes to putting one's capital in a bank abroad. Regardless of the particular jurisdiction, the strategy of opening an account offshore is in essence a good one. 

If you come from a developed country you probably don't have to deal with social unrest or economic issues but probably you have to face extreme taxation. This is also the case for governments that apply very strict rules when it comes to tax obligations and even have mechanisms through which they control their citizens all over the world.

Developing countries, on the other hand, have to face other issues (sometimes with high taxation also included in the menu) like anti-business policies, socialist governments, and lack of stability. Some countries have such a dark history when it comes to their economies that they never know when there will be bank runs, asset freezing, or foreign currency exchange restrictions.

This is why going offshore is a key aspect of any diversification strategy. First of all, one must consider the types of assets to allocate investments. In this case, the popular saying is just perfect: the more the merrier. But different investments in one jurisdiction are not enough: all experts recommend distributing these assets across as many jurisdictions as possible. In other words, diversify into different currencies, markets, governments, and policies.

Opening a private bank account in a different jurisdiction than your own will give you higher protection and the more you can do this the better. The question of which jurisdiction to choose can only be answered if you analyze where you come from. If you're from the European Union, you'll probably look for lower taxes and better interest rates. If you're from Venezuela, you’ll probably look for a more stable economy. Finally, if you are from Argentina, you will most likely choose a solid currency. 

Next, you'll find some interesting options to establish your investment accounts. It will be good to analyze them together with your legal advisor.

Banking in USA

If you want to open a bank account in USA, this is a great opportunity. This option allows you to have a private account to manage your investments. So, who is this for?

Individuals that don't have a green card or an American passport have an excellent opportunity: banking without CRS. Bank accounts here have no obligations to report to the country of residency. This is a great advantage because such a situation is almost impossible to find in today's financial world.

On the other hand, if you are from Canada or the United States, we can only open a bank account in USA for you. Naturally, the CRS advantage doesn’t apply in those cases. 

Open an account in Switzerland

Access the best private banking in the world. Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in the world especially when it comes to finances. Actually, there's almost zero poverty in this country. How can a small nation with no access to the sea have this economic level? First of all, Switzerland has always been on the side of peace and democracy being home to important international institutions like the UN, the WHO, and the Red Cross. It's also famous for being neutral during both world wars, thus being able to create an optimal environment for economic progress. After the second world war,

this country’s banking sector developed exponentially reaching a GDP average annual increase of 5% (between 1950 and 1970).

All in all, Switzerland has unique economic stability besides its renowned neutrality together with excellent advantages. 

Get more information here

Open a bank account in Bahamas

Choosing the Bahamas as a banking destination is very different from banking in Switzerland. In this case, the reputation is mainly that of a tax haven, like many other island nations that gather funds to run their economies based on foreign investment rather than high taxation. 

At Mundo, several times we've established that there are no more tax havens since policies like substance and CRS appeared in the picture. Therefore, if you choose to open a bank account in Bahamas, you'll also have quite a stable environment although not with the reputation of Switzerland.

The Bahamas is economically stable to such an extent that the Bahamian dollar is pegged to the US currency. Thus, it has quite a strong economy based on tourism and financial services. Foreigners who come to this island can rely on qualified professionals that are regarded as top-notch advisors in the international arena.

As usual, Mundo recommends getting the best advisors when it comes to banking, companies, and businesses since each jurisdiction has its tricks. Moreover, today's world is very regulated at an international scale which means that you have to consider every aspect of your taxation and reporting. In this sense, the best approach is to hire a professional advisor.

One of the main advantages of the Bahamas is that its right next to the United States which turns it into a huge market for commercial activities. The Bahamas’ policies are aligned with the US principles and this is a huge advantage for western investors and companies. As a result, they can rely on the Bahamas as a business-friendly environment and take advantage of the convenient time zone.

To sum up, this is a country that's easy to access both physically and financially with quite a developed economy and a professional network of bankers, lawyers, accountants, and consultants. Moreover, the Bahamas has been an international trading center since the 30s which means they have over 80 years to back up their reputation as a world-class business center. 

If you decide to open a bank account in Bahamas you'll protect your investments, especially since you will be doing it hand in hand with our Swiss partner.

Disclaimer: this article shows the author’s opinion based on general information and should not be taken as legal advice. Banking without CRS, international taxation, and investments are complex matters that need to consider legislations in all countries involved including where you have a passport, tax residency, investments, and businesses. Therefore, the reader should not consider the information here as official tax advice. The reader must consult with a certified professional. 

Mundo shares the best information about banking in Switzerland, The US, and the Bahamas

If you wish to open an account in Switzerland, the Bahamas, or the US, contact our experts because we have plenty of information to share with you. Always schedule a legal consultation about your case before making key financial decisions. Most importantly, Mundo is right by your side in your journey toward ultimate freedom.

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