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Getting Grenada citizenship through the best investment

5/31/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean region. Famous for its spices, Grenada has impressive landscapes and beaches that will leave anyone astonished. If you want to get a second citizenship this is the place to turn to because it has clean air, national parks, and beautiful surroundings. After all, it's not a coincidence that Grenada is visited by 500,000 international tourists.

Benefits of getting a Grenada passport

We're talking about a financial offshore center and a member of the Commonwealth which also keeps good business and commercial relationships with the United States. So, if you're wondering what to invest in, consider the possibility of getting a property on this beautiful island and accessing the Grenada citizenship by investment program. The program was amended in 2013 and a few new rules were added in 2019.

In 2013, through Act No.15, Grenada started to offer the possibility to invest in approved projects. Grenada citizenship requirements stipulate that you choose a government-approved real estate. Thus, the investor and those applying with him must invest 220,000 U.S. dollars in an approved project. Besides, they have to pay the government fees which amount to $50,000. In other words, this is a great way to get a second citizenship within a safe framework, acquiring all the rights of a citizen.

Who can benefit from this CBI: Grenada

Couples planning to start a family

Parents that want their children to study in international universities and schools will find lots of perks here. Grenada passport benefits are many, for example, if you want your children to study in the US.

Citizens of the world and nomad capitalists

A Grenada passport is useful for beneficiaries of a family business or international entrepreneurs. This is a great option for everyone that must travel often and needs freedom of movement across different countries.

People who want access to the US

Citizenship investment in Grenada opens the doors to the United States. Once you're a Grenadian citizen you can apply for an E2 visa. 

Choosing the best investment in Grenada

Besides real estate, you can access the Grenada passport through a donation, but this option doesn't bring you any returns. If you're looking for a great real estate project, the Caribbean will not run out of options any time soon. 

Today we present a project established in Levera, the Northern part of the island with an area of almost 412 acres. The project includes luxury hotels, a casino, golf courses, a leisure park, and a yacht quay. The resort is located near the Levera National Park and the beach of the same name. If you're wondering what to invest in, here you'll find 500 luxury units with ocean views. Amenities like meeting rooms, open pools, and plenty of venues for restaurants and bars will also have a place. The hotel and the social area will be surrounded by a large parking lot and two helicopter pads. 

Advantages of this project

  • Strategic location near the Levera National Park
  • Plenty of state-of-the-art amenities to enjoy with family and friends
  • 500 luxury units through which you can get high returns
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Plenty of options nearby
  • Close to the beach

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Grenada passport benefits: why real estate

There are different types of investment from stocks to crypto. However, if you get a second citizenship you access a whole new level. A second passport is a valuable document that facilitates traveling and provides access to new environments and opportunities. The E-2 visa agreement between Grenada and the US is a great example. Moreover, it gives you freedom in case your country of origin tries to impose unfair policies or ultra-high taxation.

Most of the programs accept donations to the national fund, but this is not the best option. Grenada passport benefits are enhanced thanks to real estate investment. With this approach, you get a document that provides freedom and a profitable investment at the same time. By investing in this resort, you have a great possibility to resell after the minimum stipulated time has passed.

Grenada citizenship requirements

Besides legal and government fees, you'll have to invest the required amount. It's worth noting that every applicant must pass a due diligence process. 

  • Donation for 1 person: $150,000
  • Donation for a family of four: $200,000
  • Investment on real estate with co-investors: $220,000
  • Investment on real estate as a solo investor: $350,000

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and reflects the opinion of the editorial team. Before making important financial decisions, consult with a professional to assess the benefits and risks.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best investment in Grenada should not be a headache. Find a place that you can enjoy with your family or where you can get a good income. Citizenship investment in Grenada is a great option for couples with children, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads because it has a pro-business environment and a laid-back lifestyle. Acquire your Grenada passport and start building a new future.

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