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6 things you need to know to live off rents in Panama

11/28/2023 8:00:00 AM
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For those who are looking for rental income, Panama is a great place to invest and live off rents. Besides its landscapes, immigration opportunities, strong banking sector, and excellent asset protection tools, rental options in Panama make it an excellent hub for real estate investment. Let's delve into the six primary points that you must know if you're interested in investing in real estate. Panama may be the best choice!

Dollarized economy

One of the most attractive characteristics you’ll find in Panama is its dollarized economy. For long and short-term rental, Panama is ideal, moreover, you'll be making a profit in U.S. dollars. For Americans and Europeans who decide to invest here the fact that they can keep their portfolio within a reliable currency is not at all unattractive. Since your returns will be in dollars, you can reinvest them while keeping your portfolio balanced.

Progress and initiative

If you're trying to live off rents you want a country with a pro-business policy and an initiative-driven approach. One of our favorite things about Panama is how it became one of the top financial hubs in the region in only 10 years. Now, over 20 years after the country regained administration of the canal, we can see that the infrastructure has grown immensely.

Investing in real estate, Panama: An Excellent tourism sector

Panama receives plenty of tourists each year which makes short-term rental quite interesting in the area. Investors can benefit from the tourism activity across the country. Panama City usually is visited because of its active lifetime, its cosmopolitan environment, and exquisite shopping. However, this country has much more to offer. In Las Tablas, tourists will find some of the most memorable parades during the national holidays. In Boquete, they will find a unique climate with cool weather, excellent coffee, and beautiful landscapes. For those who love the beach, there are a number of rental options in Panama in the most beautiful places. San Blas will offer you a unique experience where you can go back to the basics. The kunas, owners of those lands, offer unforgettable experiences for tourists. Places like Coiba, on the other hand, bring exciting adventures when it comes to diving and snorkeling while, in Bocas del Toro, the stunning Caribbean beaches are combined with modern facilities and chic bars to visit in the evening.

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Best places to invest

Both for short-term rental and long-term rental Panama has set forth an array of opportunities. The country is not only visited by tourists but also by ex-pats who stay for life or spend limited periods (six months, two years, etc.) This is an interesting scenario to live off rents because it generates a constant flow of people coming and going and needing a place to stay. If you are looking for good rental income, Panama has excellent options in a wide variety.

What projects can you choose 

Mundo has partnered with one of the best developers in the region which allows us to present the most coveted real estate deals. In Costa del Este, you can leverage short-term rental in a project that has single units for businesspeople who want to spend only a couple of nights in Panama. On the other hand, and in the same area, you can invest in a luxury family apartment that’s going to be excellent to live off rents. Plenty of professionals and businesspeople move here with their families and your Panama investment can be their perfect accommodation.

Rental options in Panama 

If you want to get a good rental income, Panama has plenty of solutions. As we mentioned above, this is a country with activities of all kinds. When it comes to tourism this is one of the favorite destinations for Americans and Europeans because of its low cost. Also, Panama is quite popular in neighboring countries.

Besides short-term rental, Panama comes with excellent long-term rental opportunities. The free zone regime, the attractive tax conditions, the Panama Canal, and other perks like the Panama Foundation attract workers, investors, and professionals from all over the world who come here from their own initiative or are hired by a company. This constitutes fertile soil to live off rents since rental options in Panama are widely open and available.

Disclaimer: This article presents a general overview for those who want to live off rents. However, this article does not replace a legal consultation. 

Invest in real estate: Panama offers excellent long and short-term rental

Luckily, our experts at Mundo are ready to help every reader. For everyone who wants to live off rents, luckily Panama offers the perfect scenario. Moreover, the Mundo team is the right advisor when you decide to start such a journey.

From office spaces to beach properties, one thing is sure: Panama has luxury, style, infrastructure, and the allure that every tourism destination and business hub must possess. Contact the team and get to know the available projects.

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