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Invest in the best second citizenship and get your money back: why apply for St Lucia’s CBI through bond investment

5/15/2024 8:00:00 AM
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What is the best second citizenship one can get? Mundo is delighted to present an outstanding opportunity in the Caribbean that can only be accessed through this country. In many ways, this can be considered the cheapest investment as it allows for cash back.

Migration surely gets more interesting when combined with the best investment plan so that all efforts can be focused on one single goal.

Today we present one of the Caribbean countries with economic citizenship. We decided to recommend this St. Lucia investment for reasons that we will cover in this article.

Do you want to access the best investment? Choose a St Lucia investment!

Citizenship by investment countries have many things in common. For starters, they offer citizenship eligibility in exchange for a monetary contribution. Far away from selling citizenship, these countries allow the opportunity to apply, and the migration status will be granted after all due diligence processes and background checks are undergone. In many cases, the CBI unit requires an interview with the applicant.

We've discussed the five Caribbean programs in detail, and we've covered several of their aspects across our publication. For instance, we presented state-of-the-art developments in Grenada, and we compared programs like Dominica and Antigua.

In essence, the Caribbean programs are quite similar offering the right to citizenship application in exchange for a government donation or a real estate purchase. The difference between these two doesn't require much explanation except for the fact that the donation is the cheapest investment available of this kind. Nonetheless, real estate is more demanding and expensive, but it offers an asset that can bring returns in the future or that can be sold altogether. Usually, CBI citizens can sell the properties within a period of five to seven years.

In this sense, Saint Lucia stands out with the best investment: bonds. Being the only country to offer this option has placed St. Lucia as one of the most competitive CBI players out there. Furthermore, St Lucia now has momentum and, in this article, we explain why you should apply as soon as possible

St Lucia investment: Premium Bonds

By putting $300,000 in government bond investment one can access the CBI program in Saint Lucia. It's worth noting that the said bonds don't bring any returns, however, it will be possible to recover the whole 300,000 after the stipulated period is over.

Thus, bond investment grants a unique opportunity as the investment becomes virtually zero. If one thinks about it carefully the applicant is accessing citizenship by only paying fees. After all, the cheapest investment is the one that you can recover in full.

But why is this different than the real estate alternative? In the following section, we compare the three St Lucia investment pathways.

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Create the best investment plan in St Lucia: investment comparison

To understand the advantages of bonds within the framework of economic citizenship we prepared this simple yet clear comparison.

St Lucia investment: Bond investment versus donation

At first, the government donation seems the cheapest investment. While the donation requires $100,000 the bond investment requires $300,000. Since the amount required in the beginning is obviously larger it's worth noting that it will be recovered in full (with no returns).

On the other hand, the donation is more accessible but is non-refundable and it doesn't bring any type of benefits in the long term.

A key aspect to point out is the addition of dependents. One hundred thousand is the minimum donation stipulated for one single applicant but the number increases as dependents are added. For a family of four the minimum donation is $150,000 plus 25,000 for each additional qualifying dependent. For six people, the sum would be $200,000 which introduces a whole new picture.

The St Lucia investment through government bonds allows for an unlimited amount of dependents. If you are applying with six people, a $100,000 difference is not that big of a deal, especially considering the full refund. By now, it’s safe to say that the advantages of bonds need no further explanation when it comes to applying with a large family.

St Lucia investment: Bond investment versus real estate

You may be wondering what is the difference between a St Lucia investment in real estate or government bonds since they both allow you to recover the full amount. Furthermore, real estate may produce capital gains or passive income through rents, while the bond investment doesn’t bring any returns.

The answer here is simplicity. If you want to avoid the hassle of researching, choosing, renting, and selling, the bond investment allows for a straightforward path to your citizenship goals.

Disclaimer: this article represents the opinion of the editorial team based on research and previous knowledge. In other words, it intends to provide a general picture rather than accurate details. Hence this article should not be taken as financial advice.

Invest in the best second citizenship and enjoy the advantages of bonds with Mundo

We are happy to present St Lucia investment as a safe path towards citizenship. Bond investment can only be found here, and it provides an advantage in many aspects. Large families can benefit from this option as it can represent the cheapest investment for them depending on the amount of members.

On the other hand, bonds require a simple process and the possibility to obtain the funds back in full which can be an interesting approach for some business plans.

All in all, Mundo can help you obtain the best second citizenship, and Saint Lucia is surely an excellent candidate. We can offer you wide experience when it comes to migration, and we have people in Saint Lucia with plenty of knowledge to help you make the process easier.

Finally, we can also offer corporate services in various jurisdictions and assist you in opening a bank account abroad. Add to the mix foundations, trusts, and real estate and you can put together the best investment plan to secure your future. Contact us now and start the journey toward your personal and financial goals. 

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