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Citizenship through a solid investment: beautiful apartments in Turkey as an entry to a new life

2/9/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Apartments in Turkey are hot right now because they constitute an excellent investment for international players. If you're wondering where to go in Turkey, Mundo has news. We've connected with three top-notch luxury-living real estate projects offering incredible opportunities.

Advanced financial tower 

Are you looking for beautiful apartments in impressive locations? Then you should visit Umraniye, a district on the Anatolian side that is well-known for hosting a variety of global brands. Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, and other important names have chosen this place in Turkey to establish their headquarters. Thanks to this vibrant environment and privileged location being surrounded by Beykoz, Cekmekoy, Usukdar, and Sanaktepe, Umraniye has become an excellent place to find the best apartments and the most suitable investment in this country.

The average age of people living here is 34 within a total population of approximately 726,000 people. When it comes to gender the balance is even with 50% for both men and women. Furthermore, 62% of the inhabitants are married, which makes this a great place to move to Turkey with a family. Also, this fact contributes to the district's commercial attractiveness.

When it comes to the project, it's on one of the most strategic streets near the financial center, connecting Umraniye with other important areas. Since the previous planning didn't include enough commerce venues in this area, the project presented here constitutes a great step forward. It's expected to become one of the most relevant shopping and living hubs where to get the best apartments in town.

In other words, if you are wondering what to buy in Turkey and want to get an apartment, Istanbul is one of the best choices as it is the country's capital. Moreover, this particular area of Istanbul, the Anatolian side, has only started to attract attention from foreign players. More and more people from Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakh, Armenia, Iran, and Russia are putting their eyes on this zone usually with the goal of acquiring top-tier real estate projects.

Before buying apartments in Turkey, it's vital to consider the potential they will have, and the location and access are both key elements. A well-connected area helps boost the commercial activity of any neighborhood and increases rental possibilities. This financial tower project has unprecedented transportation connections being only minutes away from major bridges, highways, and public transportation stations (havaray, metro, and tram).

Inside the project

  • 120,000 job positions
  • Biggest financial center in the country
  • Strategic location
  • High demand for high-end property
  • No competition 

Turkey international investment: beautiful apartments in the heart of a financial center:

The project here presented is intended to become one of the most important financial centers in the district. The goal is to have all financial activities under one roof coexistent within a dynamic environment and seize the excellent opportunities that Turkey presents for 2024 according to the real estate forecasts. Lots of important entities will be held within this particular building including official bodies, hotels, residential buildings with the best apartments, and cultural centers. 


The project in rough numbers

  • Sellable area: 67,066 square meters
  • Construction area: 83,448 square meters
  • Total area: 4,326 square meters
  • Residential area: 55,866 square meters
  • Commercial area: 11,200 square meters

Turkey international investments: best apartments in a relaxing environment 

The next project presents a totally different approach focused on those who want to combine work with relaxation. Thus, this project is described as a “luxury wellness hub” because it invites residents and visitors to find an inner revolution balancing the mind, the body, and the spirit. In other words, the complex will offer limitless exclusivity in a unique surrounding.

Among other things, the project intends to provide a retreat combining sauna and hammam centers where the spirit of luxury accommodation will be very much alive and where well-being will be the most sacred asset.

If you want to move to Turkey, you'll probably want to be close to the capital. In this sense, the present alternative is ideal because it's close to Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa. The area is breathtaking boasting thermal springs, natural beaches, and the transitional nature between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. A mild temperature of 15°C will accompany you throughout the year.

Where to go in Turkey and what you'll find in this project:

  • Total area: 73,722 square meters
  • Residential area: 33,372 square meters
  • House area: 18,450 square meters
  • Social area: 4,500 square meters

Inside the project 

  • Thermal waters
  • Luxury 5-star hotel
  • Health center
  • Private beach
  • Villas and apartments 

Beautiful apartments in Turkey

Our third project boasts a convenient location near parks, schools, hospitals, and malls being a great alternative for families. It's located 4 kilometers W from Istanbul Marina and 4.3 kilometers from the Marmara Park Mall. If you're looking for the ideal apartment, Istanbul offers an exciting environment and, in this case, Beylikduzu is the perfect scenario to build a high-level lifestyle.

The premises will have 10 commercial spaces and 295 residencies besides social facilities, green areas, and floor plans specially geared for every need. Residents and visitors will enjoy a sauna and swimming pool with the opportunity to combine city life with a tranquil natural environment. Thanks to its unique advantages, this is one of the best options if you're wondering what to buy in Turkey.

Inside the project 

  • Hotel concept
  • Full rental management
  • 5% USD rental guarantee
  • 20% buy-back guarantee
  • Prices 20%-30% lower than the average market prices

Turkey international investment opens the door to second citizenship

In case you didn't know there is excellent news as any of these projects make you eligible for citizenship in Turkey, a move that will open a whole new world of opportunities.

Firstly, you'll be a citizen of a country whose strategic location is one-of-a-kind being a perfect bridge connecting two continents. Turkey's ancient culture and rich history are a testimony to how this country has connected Europe and Asia for centuries.

Moreover, citizens of Turkey have the possibility to access an E2 visa, i.e., a business visa to travel and live in the United States within a program that can only be accessed by having the right nationality. Only countries that have an E2 visa agreement in place with the US grant this opportunity.

Disclaimer: this article presents only general information about the projects. If you want accurate and updated information, please contact your Mundo expert. Before making any large investments both domestically or globally, make sure to assess the risks and benefits and consult with a certified professional. 

How can Mundo help you access the best apartments in Turkey

We are connected with experts, agents, realtors, and developers from all over the world and Turkey is no exception. Turkey international investment is very popular right now and the future shows excellent forecasts for this country.

Through Mundo, you can get to know the right people and make your dream come true of having a second citizenship and an international asset. Undoubtedly, beautiful apartments in the most exciting Turkish locations are a profitable and rewarding investment. Contact us now and dig deeper into these projects.

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