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The freest post-Soviet economy

On many occasions, when we hear of Eastern Europe, the first thought that comes to mind is the memory of the Soviet bloc that ruled the region with an iron fist during almost the entire 20th century. The communist model, exported by Russia to all its neighboring countries, left profound consequences in the region after its fall in 1991. 

But precisely many post-Soviet countries learned the hard way that statist policies simply don’t work. So, when everything goes wrong, you must develop new strategies in order to secure stability, keep the economy growing, and, in general, ensure a good investment and business environment. 

Countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia who endured communism, took this pretty seriously, making a 180° turn in their way of conceiving the economy.

And the poster boy for this post-communist extreme makeover is Estonia. Always a relatively unknown country due to its difficult language, small size, and extreme location, its name quickly stopped being recognized as one of the smallest members of the Iron Curtain to one of the freest economies in the world with some of the best tax optimization opportunities available in the EU.

It is one of the most prolific and free countries in Europe and the entire world. It is a technology powerhouse developing an entire online infrastructure that is, simply, one of a kind. The most valuable resource of this is undoubtedly the E-Residence program. 

At present, this small country is one of the most balanced and free economies, making it open and friendly to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, according to several of the most renowned economic studies on the planet. A stable and profitable tax system, with 0% income tax for the company until it distributes profits and a good number of grants for new enterprises, made Estonia an absolute “must watch” when the time of planning your next investment comes. A lot of economic studies around the world recognize Estonian capacity to produce great profits and incomes out of the companies that put their trust in this small nation. 

And that’s why, in Mundo, we can help you with varied services in Estonia:

-We can help you incorporate a company, which can be an overall solid strategy for tax optimization.

-We can help you acquire a crypto license in Estonia, one of the most renowned crypto licensing jurisdictions and we can help you open a bank account in another EU jurisdiction or outside the EU for your crypto business.

-And, also, we can help you acquire the e-Residency in Estonia, which is one of the most sought-after jurisdictions for crypto entrepreneurs and IT startups.

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