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Buying Real Estate in Australia with an Attractive ROI

calendar 11/23/2021 8:00:00 AM
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Mundo is pleased to inform our esteemed readers that our team of legal professionals in Australia has formalized an alliance with one of the most prestigious real estate developers in Australia that to date has more than 30 projects and a 100% completion rate.

Our alliance with this respected real estate developer allows us to get you preferential access to one of the best real estate investment opportunities in Australia. In this case with a deposit starting from $20,000 you will be able to acquire a modern property that will provide you with a net ROI of 5% per annum.

Why Buy Property in Australia?

At MUNDO we have always had Australia on the list of our favorite jurisdictions because of the consistency they have maintained over the years in promoting both skilled immigration and pro-business, free-market policies.

It is no surprise that today, after almost 30 years, Australia is a favorite immigration choice for people from most countries in the world, which has meant significant population growth for the Australian nation. And of course that population growth means more people are renting and buying property, so real estate prices have appreciated at healthy rates over the past few years. You can see where we're going, right?

Among our readers one of the most common requests has always been how to find real estate investment projects in Australia to back your money in a stable market, with favorable laws and levels of growth and appreciation that other countries can't even dream of having. Today we present the best opportunity when it comes to buying property in the Australian jurisdiction.

Before we jump right into describing the project and the acquisition process, let's look at some of the most popular reasons to invest in real estate in Australia:

1. The real estate market is booming: people who have invested in real estate in Australia are now enjoying very significant market growth. As the Australian government makes progress in controlling the Coronavirus pandemic and the world reopens up, demand for living space has risen again in the country's major urban centers. To be precise, the average home value in Australia has risen 15.8% so far in 2021 alone, and further growth is still forecast.

2. Political stability and legal certainty: buying a property is surely one of the most serious commitments you can make, so it is absolutely necessary to make sure beforehand that the country you are going to invest in has a government that respects private property and economic freedoms in general.

Fortunately, Australia, being part of the British Commonwealth, will not give you any headaches or worries when it comes to respecting your political-economic freedoms. Your investment will not be at risk, as the Australian government maintains an openly pro-business and pro-investment stance that provides peace of mind to foreigners investing capital in this country.

3. It has favorable legislation: although it is true that each state and territory in Australia has its variations in terms of laws related to real estate, they generally follow the same line that protects buyers and sellers alike. The duties and obligations of property or land owners in this country do not exceed what we are used to seeing in other jurisdictions, so you will have no problem regardless of whether you decide to live in Australia or not.

If you want to read a complete article and get the presentation of the project with detailed ROI, become MUNDO Club Member by registering FOR FREE here.

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