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Why Panama is the best country for Canadians

7/20/2022 8:00:00 AM
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The immigration trends in the 21st century are quite interesting. While the past century showed us a clear migration path from third-world countries to large powers like the US, Canada, or Europe, things seem to be changing. 

In this article, we explore the options available for a person that decides to leave their big brother state in search of new, freer horizons. Moreover, Mundo helps you turn this idea into a reality with services like overseas real estate investment.

With one of our offices in the Canal country, we help you move to Panama and buy an apartment in Panama from abroad. 

Massive migration out of Canada 

Mundo has recently found out that Canadians are leaving the country in record numbers. There’s something odd about the fact that a country that we see as a mecca for immigrants is now under the opposite trend. What are the reasons for this exodus and what can we do about it?

The numbers from Stats Canada throw interesting results showing that there’s a 215% increase in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to 2020. In total, this equals 16,000 people leaving the country to find new horizons and 55,000 people leaving Canada in 2021. Since 1974, this is the larger flow of migration away from Canada, which means it’s the first time in 48 years that we see this kind of phenomenon. 

Right now, experts are wondering whether this is an indicator of a future trend or if there is an underlying issue causing this massive migration. 

Prime minister Trudeau enacted emergency powers in January 2022, which can be one of the reasons why Canadians no longer feel comfortable at home. However, the stats show that the migration trends began before that, in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

To be fair, the balance is still on the side of Canada as there are more people migrating in than migrating away. This is understandable since the country still represents an opportunity for many people to have a better salary and quality of life. This is very similar to what happens with the Latino migration in the US. 

So, what is going on in Canada that triggered this amount of desertion? 

Anti-democratic measures

The Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, has been accused of enacting anti-democratic measures and tough covid-19 restrictions. Earlier this year, the government suspended civil liberties so that they could dismantle the “Freedom Convoy”, a protest that set up a blockade on the streets of downtown Ottawa.

This affects the finances and freedoms of many Canadians with a threat of regulating Internet content and seizing of assets of trucking companies even if the company was not involved in the protest. 

Although the government and its supporters allegedly have good reasons for these measures, the Canadian people are having an unpleasant feeling that their rights are being eroded. Bill C-67 in Ontario, for example, is considered to be quite dubious and the Prime Minister is trying to push a censorship bill at a federal level. If we add the emergency powers applied due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve got ourselves a concerning situation. 

Remote work and better climate 

However, although these measures are reason enough to be concerned, there are other social phenomena inherent in our time that we cannot dismiss. For the first time in history remote work is not only possible but, in many cases, highly recommended. Engineers, IT experts, accountants, marketing professionals, and social media managers can now work anywhere in the world. If we consider the fact that Canada is very expensive and has bad weather, this makes us wonder if we can stretch out our Canadian salary in another country with lower costs of living and more sunny days. 

In general, it all seems to point out to a clear trend: look for cheaper places while you maintain your home office and earn the same salary as you earned back home.

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In this article we present our favorite country for business and for life:

Why Panama is the best place for Canadians

Why move to Panama in 2022? The answer is simple: it’s a great place to thrive. Its pro-business policies, its parity with the US dollar, and the culture of freedom make it the ideal place. If you are looking for a rental property to buy in Panama, you’ve come to the right portal, because Mundo has plenty of projects to offer.

Real estate in Panama for Canadians 

This section features some options for your overseas real estate investment.

Royal accommodation near the beach

This project is located in Playa Gorgona, Panama, and boasts a unique location. With a state-of-the-art design and great amenities, this project is an excellent rental property to buy in Panama. The residencies are located near the beach and have exclusive access while being only 50 minutes away from Panama City. Find out more about this real estate here

Family real estate in Costa del Este 

If you don’t like the city center, you may want to take a look at this option. Located in Costa del Este, this project has everything a family needs to lead a modern life. Enjoy the benefits of living in a quiet neighborhood near schools, supermarkets, restaurants, and shops. More about this project here

Luxury apartments in Costa del Este 

Please be introduced to another project with an ocean view. Also in Costa del Este, this Project has 52 levels overall and 3 parking lots for each apartment. Enjoy luxury living in one of the best areas of Panama City. It also has 2 high-speed elevators, a reserve water tank, and an emergency electric plant so that you live as comfortably as you deserve. 

Ocean view and high-end amenities 

If you love Playa Bonita, in Panama, check out these beautiful luxury apartments. With impressive views of the canal and the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy high-end apartments or penthouses. If you want to move to Panama or buy an apartment in Panama from abroad, this is a fantastic opportunity. Choose between one-or-two-bedroom residencies and enjoy many amenities like a gym, event room, open terrace, and private pool. 

Park view apartment in Panama 

This overseas real estate investment will give you more than rental income: it will become your home. It has everything you need to lead a happy life. It will function as an aparthotel for which it already has a short-stay rental license. With modern appliances, Italian kitchen cabinets, and fine finishing, this is a turnkey solution. Real estate in Panama for Canadians is available and this project is the perfect example. Get to know more about its characteristics and amenities in this article

Why move to Panama and why do it with Mundo? 

Panama is an ideal overseas investment option not only for Canadians but for all nationalities. The sad reality is that many governments are adopting aggressive tax measures, draconian restrictions, and anti-democratic policies. But those who really love freedom don't give up and always look for places where to thrive financially and personally.

This is why Mundo’s parent company has established an office here in Panama where it helps many foreigners open companies, obtain residency, buy an overseas real estate investment, or find a rental property to buy in Panama.

Our parent company has been operating since 1994 and it's a leading provider of financial services, trustee services, and investor migration services in the region. On the other hand, Mundo has over five years of sharing valuable information in Spanish and recently it has expanded to other languages as well including Russian, English, and Chinese.

If you are from Canada and wonder where to start a new life where you can be free and grow your assets with low restrictions, consider Panama. If you're ready to take the step don't hesitate and write us. We'll be happy to receive your consultation.

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