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Explore a World of Opportunities: Where to Find Your Dream Property in Panama

4/27/2023 8:00:00 AM
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If you're interested in Panama, you're probably already looking for places where to live. Real estate for sale in Panama is hot right now, especially since the qualified investor visa opened the opportunity to get a property plus residency. 

Mundo thinks you're right to choose this country as your new home or investment ecosystem because it brings many financial perks and, let's just say it, we like it. That's why we decided to write a piece for those wondering what to buy in Panama and who are searching for the best property options out there.

Finding your dream property in Panama: exploring the city

Within the past few years, Panama has grown and found its place among the finest destinations in Latin America. To accompany this development, the capital city became a modern urbanization center and a major hub in the region being a point of reference for neighboring countries. Real estate options in Panama City are many. By acquiring any of them you'll enjoy an international lifestyle and will be able to choose between different opportunities: commercial premises, and different styles of residencies.

Since the opportunity of getting property plus residency became available, the offer got even better. 

Moreover, Mundo’s development partner has plenty of experience building projects in this city. Here you'll find that modern architecture has a place and that projects are created with world-class designs. In fact, many large multinational companies like Copa Airlines, Deloitte, and Diageo are based here. If you want to buy a property abroad, you have to consider your real estate options in Panama, even if you end up choosing any other country.

In this section, Mundo explores the city and describes the top neighborhoods where you can find your home. 

Costa del Este

This area is known for having an organized structure and being previously planned for optimal urbanization, where pedestrians have lots of space to enjoy. You'll find banks, commercial buildings, and educational centers like the San Augustin school and the Academia Interamericana de Panamá.

Costa del Este is probably the best place to find your dream property in Panama if you're looking for lots of green space and a relaxed environment. You'll be pleased to know that Mundo offers interesting condo suite options that can be more than a home to you. You can also use them as what they are: powerful investments.

Here you’ll enjoy impressive ocean views and great access. Costa del Este is not near the city center, but it has direct access to a fast-track avenue called Corredor Sur. If you go east, you will be practically one hour away from the Tocumen International Airport and if you head west, you'll find Calle 50, Calle Uruguay, Albrook, Multiplaza, Via Argentina, Ciudad del Saber, and many other hot spots.

So, if you're wondering what to buy in Panama, think of Costa del Este as a great option where you can live and work with style.

More information on one of our finest projects in Costa del Este is here

Punta Pacífica Panamá

Please be introduced to one of the richest areas in the city. It's located in San Francisco only 25 minutes away from the airport and still close to the financial center. Here you'll find a variety of options if you want to buy a property abroad since you have great facilities like the Punta Pacifica Hospital (a partner of the Johns Hopkins Medicine International Institute). It's also close to one of the top malls in the city called “Multiplaza”. Here there are luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Channel, Columbia, GAP, Gucci, MAC, Michael Kors, and more. If you're wondering what to buy in Panama and you want to live in an exclusive neighborhood with top-class skyscrapers and luxury facilities, choose Punta Pacifica.

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Santa María 

In Panama, many communities became a symbol of high-class and luxurious living. Santa Maria is one of them. Your lifestyle will be signed by comfort and security from day one. Each urbanization includes modern spaces designed for people's well-being and is surrounded by incredible green areas and commercial and business centers. The village Center and Business District are only two examples of what you’ll encounter here. 

You'll find plenty of amenities like a Golf Club with eighteen holes and 284 hectares, a Country Club to share a drink and a meal with family and friends, and many other options. This includes services but not only: you'll also enjoy sports facilities and plenty of entertainment options.

If you want an example of what Santa Maria means, remember that it's home to a Marriott Starwood, a five-star hotel that has nothing to envy the top destinations around the world.

After a hard day’s work, you need a place where you can rest and feel at ease, and, why not, enjoy yourself. Santa Maria offers a wide variety of boutiques, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and schools so that you have everything you need nearby.

For a businessperson or a hard worker, leisure moments are vital for clearing up the mind and making room for new ideas. This is why it's important that the place you choose has everything you need for a fulfilling professional and personal life.

Are you looking for a project that brings you a rental income? Check out this hotel in Contadora Island. 

San Francisco

The writer has lived in San Francisco, so this article is based on personal experience. Here you'll find plenty of restaurants with international food and cafes combined with an elegant yet relaxed environment. This neighborhood is near the Panama Bay and close to Bella Vista, Pueblo Nuevo, and Parque Lefevre. When living here you can visit Multiplaza, the mall that we described above, and shop at the best stores in the world.

But as surprising as it sounds this is not the main advantage of San Francisco. From the writer's point of view, the best reason to live here is Parque Omar. This is the largest park in the city with a 5-kilometer running trail. Here you'll enjoy unique experiences, making it a great place for your dream property in Panama. You can jog, exercise, and get delicious vegetable juice while breathing the nice tropical air. There are also free activities like yoga, Zumba, and others which are subject to availability at a given moment. 

Do you want to get a beach property instead? Read our article for more information. 

Casco Antiguo

Welcome to one of the nicest places in town. It's not a surprise that this is one of the most touristic areas in the city. This neighborhood dates to the 17th century and it is beautifully preserved in its original architecture. If you're looking for real estate for sale in Panama that can give you a tourist rental income, Casco Viejo is not to be dismissed.

It's a charming little place that actually feels like a different city because it's separated from the city center by a long highway. It has lots of squares, religious monuments, and important cityscapes like the Government Palace and the National Theatre.

Some of my best experiences in Panama are from Casco Viejo. Thanks to its incredible ocean views you can watch the financial center and skyscrapers on the horizon while drinking a delicious cocktail.

Actually, it has been chosen as one of the 10 best neighborhoods in the world by the American magazine Forbes in 2018. Casco Viejo was placed in 7th place being one of the only two Latin American destinations on the list.

Mundo has written about this sustainable, innovative project in Casco Antiguo, visit our article! 

Find the best real estate options in Panama in the finest neighborhoods

This is but a glance at what Mundo can offer you. Since we are in close connection with one of the best developers in the country, we can help you buy a property abroad and find the best real estate for sale in Panama. Contact our expert for more information on the projects available because we'll be happy to assist you.

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